Medium is The Message Summative post.

How does what we hear, read and see influence us?

the quote above this post was the driving question that got everything started.

this project taught us about the world of graphic design and marketing. Along with dos and donts of advertising, techniques used by professionals, and how to make our own advertisements!


What I found the most interesting throughout this project was reading ‘The Gospel According to Larry’. I thought the way Larry explained consumerism was very insightful and made me understand the concept a lot better.


Here is the photo i decided to do my historical advertising analysis with.

historical advertisement below


In the link below it shows most of the process of our ‘medium is the message’ reflection. It covered our work with advertisements and my learning process to get there, along with a short summary on what we have done so far.

Medium is the message reflection 

After that we were given McLuhan’s passage on ‘Medium is the Message’. In milestone five we had to explain and give examples or connections between ‘The Gospel According to Larry’ and McLuhan’s ‘The Medium is the Message’.

My explanation is below:


We also got the amazing chance of getting the amazing chances to get to speak to Derik Hepburn and  Alya Reynolds. Derik Hepburn helped us learn about advertisement and have our advertising drafts critiqued, and Alya taught us about Apple and how they have a different approach to advertising and how important every little detail in Apple is.


Media is The Message Reflection

In the beginning of this project we started off writing some ‘need to knows’ with our North group, one of our four core learning groups. North (our main group that we would be spending the most time with) South, East and West. In these groups we learned different types of photography, appeals  and techniques in advertising, how to analyze advertisements, and reading ‘The Gospel According to Larry’, a seven part book that we had to write power sheets to discuss with our south group.

Soon enough we started our learning track and we began to read ‘The Gospel According to Larry’ two parts at a time. Then once a week we’d meet up with our south groups to discuss our thoughts and our answers for questions we wrote down on our power sheets. After that we started to get more in depth about what makes an advertisement good and some of the techniques that advertisement companies use to draw in the audience. Things such as colours, fonts, and specific wording.

In our East groups we learned a lot about different ways to take photos. Mainly about how different angles and lighting can effect your shots, along with some of the cool effects you can get by editing your photo in the camera app.

Once we were equipped with all the basics we got to pick a local business in the Cove with our North groups to focus on and advertise for. My group chose The Raven, Restaurant,Pub and Liquor Store. We started off making mood boards for the restaurant to get a bit more of a feel for it and the vibe it gave off so we could start working on ideas for our first advertisement draft attempts. While we we were in the discussion phase we also learned how to write a proper business email to ask The Raven if they would accept our request to work with them through this project.

After all our preparing and discussion for potential ad ideas for our business, we were introduced to the app ‘Canva’. In this app we made our first individual drafts following the discussed criteria our group had decided on. We gave each other constructive criticism on what we thought could be changed or improved on; and that’s what we worked on in our second and third drafts.

Here are the drafts:









Here are the three we ended up sending to The Raven for feedback:




Our next step is to receive feedback and edit any changes as per request from our Raven contact.

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day! 🙂








Hello World!

Hello everyone! I am Gabriella and welcome to my school blogs, I hope you like it or even learn something!

User Manual

Welcome to my User Manual,  in this project we learned how to express ourselves digitally with the help of a bunch of new apps, tips, and tricks that some of us have never seen before. While doing this project it challenged with a few different questions about ourselves, such as our settings and trouble shooting. As you probably guessed by now our user manual’s are written similarly to the user guide of a new iPhone, hence why we have the settings question!

The part i struggled the most with while doing this project is probably the trouble shooting as it challenged me to think about problems people may have while working with me in an academic setting. So i answered those with the best of my abilities. Aside from that the project didn’t have me in any major blocks, and i thought it was a great way to introduce us into the new and unfamiliar (at least to us grade 8s) world of PLP


Click the link below to see my User Manual

Gabriella IOS 1.3





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