People and the Environment

Hello! Welcome to my first Humanities blog post of the year! What a wonderful project we started off on, I truly think we started on a good path this year! Let me introduce you to our project! To start us off, here’s our driving question: ‘How do people and the environment affect each other?’ For … [Read more…]

Exponent Laws

Hello! welcome back to my blog post, this is the first blog post of the new school year that i’ve written! Without further ado, lets get started in the project!   In the first month here back at school, we started out with learning about what exponents were exactly, and how to use them. From … [Read more…]

Comic Cells

Hello welcome to this blog! in this project, we had to pick and explain a virus through a comic! Lemme explain the process of it all! First off,  we made a mindmap! This mind map was made in the beginning when we were still asking questions! Next we had to pick a disease and create … [Read more…]

Ultimate Design Challenge

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog post, today I’m going to talk a little bit about the most recent PLP project I have done! In this project we were told to make 3D shapes in this online called tinkercad! Our purpose of this project was to a 3D object that we would eventually end up … [Read more…]

Chemistry Coding

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog post, in this blog post I will explain my newest scimatics project! Chemistry coding! In this project, we were told to create a game or simulator that represents the different states of matter and how the atoms and molecules react to them. As always, here’s the driving question! How … [Read more…]

The More Things Change

Dear readers, welcome to my blog post! In this post, we will talk about the most recent project we’ve been given, ‘The More Things Change’ as always, here’s our driving question “What Did European Settlement Mean For Those Involved” Now, let’s unpack this. Our first milestone was a reflection of Deep Cove. We listened to … [Read more…]

Argh, Matey!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog post! Today, we will be talking about one of the more recent projects, Argh, Matey!! As always, here is our driving question: What Was The Impact Of Global Exploration? Well, if you continue to read my blog post, I’m sure you’ll figure out! first off, we watched a … [Read more…]

Growth Mindset

Hello! Welcome to my blog post! In todays blog post, we are going to discuss the growth mindset book that we have been working on all throughout the process of your other projects. While working on this book, we would talk about many different, and surprising things. Such as why failure is actually a good … [Read more…]

Student Blogging challenge.

Hey! Guys, guess what? This is the last blogging challenge we have to do! Not gonna lie, I’m kinda sad. The blogging challenge was fun, but oh well. In this blog post i’m going to be reflecting on all that we’ve done so far! In the beginning of this challenge, we started off updating our … [Read more…]