Final reflection

The driving question was how do what we hear read & see influences us ? We’re with make a ad for a real business. Our ad was made for covert neighbourhood café Some of the feedback we got was that he wanted for us to Focus on the cinnamon rolls and a colour palette ,like […]

Teamwork Reflection

 Reflection [ Launch journal ] I gonna be honest i hate school but with the work we did was not bad teamwork can go two way really good where everybody has there parts gets it done and idea are herd and is made too the best they can be or there can be a boss […]


Hi my buds This is in a way my first post I’m not really sure what to say. i bet you can’t wait to have me talk about how school  going to be honest I don’t want to tell you how I’m doing but you got to what you got to do

About me

Hi my name is Jocelyn . Something you should now about me is i have two brothers and me and my family are very close . I can be pretty persistent when it comes to animals and my  future. When is comes to my future i know what i want is that sense I will […]

My user manual

My User Manual: Jocelyn     Brand : PLP student  Model: iOS 12 Getting started if you have  opinion I will listen to but not hide if I think it’s wrong .I will try to ignore you off you like cats more then dog’s .I do enjoy talking about animals and can talk about animals […]