In the power vested in me, I pronounce you…. A photographer!!

We switched around a lot when it came to teams but one of the main people I worked with is my friend Cameron!


This project is title “Herzog” after the great German photographer Fred Herzog, one of the first famous photographer to use colour film in the 1950’s. Herzog was born in a gorgeous city,  Stuttgart, Germany, he was known for his beautiful street photography. If your haven’t already guessed what this project was about, it was photography! I thrived in the project, I love photography!


The very first thing we did was go on a walk around the school and take a bunch of photos.

Here are all of the photos I took:

I think I took some really nice photos 😀


Skill #1: (we are using skills instead of milestones) Composing Composition

First we took a photo of “something familiar” in other words, something we use in our every day life, and for me, I decided to use my water bottle (I drink a lot of water)!

This is my favourite one:

Second, we took a photo walk! We took a walk with our familiar object on a walk around the school and did our best to include the rule of thirds, along with good backgrounds/foregrounds. Once we finished that, we took the photos and edited them too look their best!

This is the one I liked the most:

(It’s hidden!!)

Next up, we created a “personified picture”, where we just took a photo from our photo walk and drew on it until it resembled us in some way

This is what mine looks like:

And then of course.. we had to reflect! (My least favourite part of every project!!)


Skill #2: Adjusting Angles

So first we had to shoot a Self-Portrait! So in photos, we had the option to use either Live Photo or Timer, I chose Timer, the timer gives you 3-10 seconds to prepare and then when it goes off, a burst of 10 photos goes off! In my case, I decided to run and jump! I tried to catch myself mid air haha. I went through the 10 photos and picked the one I liked most, the we had to add on a filter to make it look better.

The one I like the most was…. This!



Next we were asked to make a bunch of photos of with certain angles, along with a partner. My partner was Makai! The three angles that we did was birds eye view, worms eye view, and a long shot! After we finished that, we went ahead and edited them.

Here’s what the photos that Makai took of me look like:

long shot:

Birds eye view:

worms eye view:

Next up, with our same partners we were asked to make a silhouette! This was cool. My idea was— get this— was to get in front of the projector and edit it on from there (I’m very proud of myself)!! There was like 5 people lignin up behind us trying to do the same thing (5 might be an overstatement but there was a few people doing what we were doing, like I said, I’m very proud of myself)! Most of us ended up looking like a monkey with the masks an all haha.

This is what the the silhouette of Makai looks like:

Lastly we recreated a “photo from the past” with something that was a bit more relevant to our life right now.

This is what mine looks like:

younger me:

Me now:


Skill #3: Manufacturing Mood

So first, we had to take a landscape photo! It’s as simple as that, not much to explain haha. I might have deleted the photo so I don’t have anything to show TwT

Next, we went and took a panorama, the people in mine are the beautiful Caden and Cameron!

This is what my pano looks like!

Kinda funky lookin’ right?

Next we went out on another nature walk and took a pano, and a landscape, using the rule of thirds and everything else we have learned so far.

this is what mine looks like:



Rule of thirds:

Lastly, we had to take a photo that “told a story” with a randomly generated mood, I got the mood “zany”, I had no idea that that emotion even existed before this or existed in general! In case you don’t know, it means “whacky”, “funky”, or “weird”. And I have nothing to show for this one too, because I forgot to do it lol


Skill #4: Creating Collages

Firstly we were asked to “Pictorialize my name” which basically means we were all sent around the school and took photos of the any letters that are in you name, I would find them on posters mostly! Next we had too make a collage in keynote using the letters we found around the school to write our name!

Here’s what mine looks like! I really like it:

Secondly we had to create a Personalized Collage. For this, we first brainstormed a bunch of things that we liked, and tried to include as many of those things in a collage that represents us using photos we’ve taken (I used the silhouette). Then we went into keynote and made it!

Here’s what I came up with!:

And then to reflect on this skill, we had to post an “about me” blog post with the personal on here!


Skill #5: Molding Movement

This project was pretty much just about GIFs!

So first, we “morphed a photo” using keynote. Morphing is just a really easy way to animate. It’s when one frame morphs into the next. This was fun! I didn’t know that keynote had transitions!

I’m not sure it’s going to work, but here it is anyway:

And that would conclude Constructing Creative Communication! Thanks for tuning in, but I’m going to tune out! Until next time 🙂


Tectonic chances, it’s game time!


So! This project I did with my friend Caden, go check out his blog!


In this blog post, I will be working towards answering the driving question, “How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design?” I hope that this blog post will help you understand my answer more!


This project was fun and different, it tested our creative skills (somehow, I don’t have much), along with our collaboration skills. In this project, we were asked to make a board games based off of tectonic plates, my team and I decided to make snakes and ladders, but with tectonic plates. We call it *drumroll please!*… “Quakes and Waves”! So creative, I know. It’s pretty self explanatory to be honest. We were also asked to include probability along with the game rules. And that leads me to the first milestone!


Milestone 1: Game Rules First Draft

So this is also pretty self explanatory, we just made a first draft for the game rules haha.


Milestone 2: Science Vocabulary Choices

We would get a list of Tectonic Plate vocabularies, define, and decide which ones we would put in our games! If I’m being honest, most of them never made it in our game!


Milestone 3: Probability Quiz

Another one that’s self explanatory! So we did a probability quiz on Khan Academy!


Milestone 4: Final Game Rules

So this one, we just did a final draft for the game rules, along with the final probability equations.



-board game.

-snakes and ladders  pretty much.

-Roll both dice and move the numbers on the die added together.

-If you encounter a square that has a tsunami 🌊 on it move forward the amount of the number in the middle. Another way to determine how many steps you need to take, is you’ll see 2 droplets of water, that’s where you stop.

-If you hit an earthquake square you drop to the square where the crack ends.

-If you roll a double thats higher than 3, the tectonic plate movement happens, which means you move to the highest numbered square of the row. If you get a double that is three or lower, you move to the lowest numbered square in the row.

-if you roll two numbers that add up to 6 (for example, 1 and 5, 2 and 4, 3 and 3), you must bring in the coloured die. The red side activates the volcanic eruption, and you have to miss your turn. The green side mean you can have 2 turns.

-First person to square 90 wins!


  • To roll a 2 is a 1/6.
  • To roll a 3 is a 1/6.
  • To roll a 4 is a 1/6.
  • To roll a 5 is a 1/6.
  • To roll a 6 is a 1/6.
  • To roll a 1 and a 6 is, 1/6 x 1/6 = 1/36.
  • To roll a double is 1/36.
  • To hit a earthquake is a 5/90 chance.
  • To hit a tsunami is a 4/90 chance.
  • If you are playing with 3 other people, the chance of winning is a 1/4 chance.
  • If you are playing with 2 other people, the chance of winning is a 1/3 chance.
  • If you are playing with 1 other person, the chance of winning is a 1/2 chance.
  • To roll a double higher than 3 is a 1/18 chance.
  • To roll a double lower than 3 is a 1/18 chance.

Milestone 5: Complete Game

Once again, pretty self explanatory, all we did was finish the game!


Milestone 6: Game Day

So last week, we went around playing each other games! It was really fun, (unlike my group) everyone was really creative! I was kind of jealous lol.


And now the answer to the question! “How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design?”

Well! Without a topic, you won’t really have a game, or at least an interesting one, and when it comes to probability, you would need it to have a chance at winning or loosing, rolling a number from 1-6 on a dice, or getting a Queen in a deck of cards, most things in a game needs probability, otherwise you wouldn’t have a “chance”!


Thanks for tapping in, but I’m gonna tap out! See you in my next maker post!!

My journey to become a PLP learner!

Yellow everyone! This blog post is about the project that I have been working in for the past 5 weeks!


Check out my team mates blogs! They’ll have posted about this too; Silas, Charlie, Jessie, and Brooke!

The major question that the PLP learning team have been working to answering for just over a months now is “how do I contribute to the PLP learning team?”. I hope that this blog post will help you and myself understand what my answer is.

Milestone #1: Big Life Journal (Or BLJ), where it all started.

This milestone was… a challenge for me at many points. Most of them were if I’m being honest. I did not know what I was doing half the time. Although like every other project, I pulled through. I didn’t give up. I have a problem with giving up a lot of things, I’m not very good with motivation.

So what we the Big Life Journal is, just pretty much jotted down “big life” things, like goals, self doubts, self encouragement, dreams, planning, etc.. The journal supposedly helps you find out what you want to be when you grow up.

Two things from BLJ:

There were a lot of chapters to BLJ (Big Life Journal), I think there were 5? Anyway, if I’m being completely honest, I did not get a single chapter done. BUT, I will work my butt of trying next time. I constantly want to improve. 

We also did a “BLJ three best works”, which pretty much we just “amped up” 3 BLJ works. This one was fun! And I actually got it done.. sort of on time! I was supposed to recreate 3 BLJ works, doesn’t matter what chapter it was from, as long as it was recreated in an app that was not notability, it was okay! This one was flexible and easy, I really needed a little stress break.

My three best works:

Milestone #2: the User Manual, when the fun REALLY began. 

I had a LOT of fun with this challenge! I handed it in late as usual, but still!

So what we were asked to do for the user manual is write an “about me”, as if I was an iOS device.

We also did an assignment related to this call “3,2,1 Mentor Text Connection” which we just reviewed our teacher’s user manuals, and answered a few questions about them, in a 3,2,1 form, which means we answer the questions with 3 answers for the 1st question, 2 answers for the 2nd, and so on. Some of the questions consisted of the following. “Three thing the teachers shared in common.” Or “two differences between all three teachers.”

Honestly there isn’t match to this milestone, but I will gladly show you what some of my user manual looks like 🙂 

Milestone #3: the Team Contract, the endgame.

You might already know what this is, its one of my pages lol

Okay so this one was late (wow surprise surprise) and I didn’t know when it was mandatory to hand in, so when I figured it out I was stressing A LOT. Because I had started it’ll but i had also forgotten aaaaaaaaall about it… so! I had just under a day to hand it in!

Basically what the team contract is, is a contract showing how I work as a team. But I also had to include some of my user manual, my Memoji Laptop, and a creative media, which pretty much is just me as a piece of media that I made (a drawing, something I wrote, or an animation).

Here’s my creative media because why not (yes i know that its just one of my BLJ three best works shhhhhh dont tell):

My keynote presentation!!

My keynote presentation (YouTube video)!!

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the answer to the driving question, “how do I contribute to the PLP learning team?”

I contribute to the PLP learning team by always being positive. By showing up. By always trying my best. There are so many ways that everyone can contribute to the PLP learning team.


Thanks so much for reading my blog today, thanks for tapping in, but I’m gonna tap out!

My advertisement journey!

Yellow everyone! This blog post is about the project that I have been working in for the past 5 weeks!


Check out my team mates blogs! They’ll have posted about this too; Silas, Charlie, Jessie, and Brooke!

The driving question that the PLP learning team has been working to answer for the past month or so iiiiiiis… “how does what we hear, read, and see influence us?” The question will be answered at the end!!

Milestone #1: Historical Media Analysis, when it all started.

This milestone was fun, but difficult at the same time. I had to answer a few questions, and it normally takes me a LONG time to come up with good answers. This project took me almost an hour, if not more.

So basically, what this project was, is that I had to find an old ad, and answer a bunch of questions for it, questions like “Who created this message?” And “What techniques are used to attract my attention?” Or What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in or omitted from this message?” And many more.

What my Historical Media Analysis looks like:

Photo source

Milestone #2: Individual Ad + Reflection, when I REALLY started PLP

Now this milestone was just fun! 

So this project, our teachers got a bunch of companies to agree to let us make an ad for them (we aren’t getting paid sadly) and the first step is to create many drafts until it gets approved by our teacher. 

Then, we need to create a reflection which in my opinion, was the hardest part of this entire assignment. I have a lot of trouble reflecting on something I don’t think I have much to reflect on. Or even if I do have something to reflect on, I find it to put it down on paper.

The first draft:

Yikes… many thing that I can improve on…

The last draft:

Of course, there are still many things that I could improve on, but it look like a liiiiitle bit more like an ad than the first draft, and I say thats an improvement!

Milestone #3: Final Ad Conference, last but definitely not least.

If I’m being honest, this one was hard, harder than most of the other milestones, mostly because I didn’t know it was a thing until the day it was due, so I literally had 5 minutes to come up with the answers to the questions, and as I’ve said before I find it hard to answers a question without much time, but of course, thats my fault. But the questions were still relatively hard-

What I think that I did well was the recording and how I did it on the first try, what I could definitely do better, is gotten it done earlier, that goes for ALL of these milestones.

My answers to all of the questions:

How did you contribute to your final advertisement?

– I contributed to the final advertisement by sharing my ideas, and then if they don’t work out, I critique & support my team members ideas.

What are you most proud of?

– How many ideas I came up with. I also like how I worded the slogan, “‘tis’ the season to give something unique!” In my opinion, it really sounded like a professional ad slogan.

In what ways did this project allow you to question what you hear, read, and view the world around you?

– This project has made me learn to appreciate ads interrupting my YouTube videos, and distracting me at bus stops and making me miss my bus, because now i know how much effort, and how many drafts go into making a professional advertisement.

My final group ad drafts!!

And the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the answer to the driving question, “how does what we hear, read, and see influence us”

It influences us by making us appreciate thing thing that we hear, read, and see more, now that we understand how much time, effort, and thought goes into one small piece.


Thanks so much for reading my blog today, thanks for tapping in, but I’m gonna tap out!


About me!

1: I love to draw 😀

I’ve been drawing my whole life, but only recently have I started experimenting with my style. I mostly draw characters, and I have recently started doing commissions (email or text me or go onto my intagram page @drrrawwuwu if interested). I also have an online comic on or more specifically,

Examples of what I can do:


2: I am a furry lol

I like to make fursuits, and I have one of my own, and no matter how much hate I get, no one will stop me from being a furry. I like cosplaying, and I like animals, and I like fursuiting. NO. I do not think I am an animal. And NO. I should not be getting more hate than cosplayers. They are doing the same thing.

The fursuit I purchased:

The fursuit I made (unfinished):


3: positivity

I am a very positive person! I like to make people laugh or just generally entertain them.



I am a gender fluid demiboy, which mean half of me wants to change my pronouns constantly,  and the other half of me wants to use he/they pronouns. So most of the time I use he they pronouns, but also an additional pronoun, like he/she/they/fae/xe/etc…

gender fluid pride flag:

(One of my personal favourite flags) Demiboy pride flag:

And I am also pansexual, pan means all, which mean I typically date people for they’re personality, not they’re gender. I currently have a girlfriend of almost 4 or 5 months!

Pansexual pride flag: