t-POL Blog Post!

DRIVING QUESTION: “Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?”


This blog post is for my t-POL presentation! A t-POL is basically the same thing as an m-POL, but instead of mid year, it’s end year! That’s the only difference lol


Lets start by taking a quick look at my blog posts from the past two projects (that I have blog posts for)!


K.O. Pizza, “Our Pizza Packs a Punch!”

This was a project that fell under the subject of Scimatics (in the project “Ultimate Design Challenge”)! My “partner in crime” was my friend, the Great Cameroonian! This project was supposed to end in us making a 3D thing and printing it out using a 3D printer! Though that didn’t work out sadly :,(

Lemme elaborate a little! We were asked to make a 3D object using Tinkercad (a 3D printing/3D modelling app), me and Cameron originally wanted to do a circular pizza box, that ended up being to simple, so we decided to do two separate objects! A pizza, and a *normal* pizza box! After that, we went through the very painful process of presenting it in front of the class..

If you wanna see our presentation, here it is!!

Time to reflect…

I wish I had done more work to help Cameron, he probably did over 80% of the work if not more if I had helped out with the simple task of taking note of the calculations so that Cameron could figure out the volume and surface area.


That was on the second to last scimatics project, lets take a look at my most recent humanities project, “New Beginnings”!

Welcome to New France!

This was most DEFINITELY my best projects, I actually really enjoyed doing the work, it was a fun last project! The fact that I was able to hand in every single assignment (although yes, some of them were late, BUT NOT BY MUCH!!), in my opinion, I did everything fairly well, but there is ONE thing that I could improve on. Actually getting things done ON TIME! That is something that has always been a bit of a challenge for me, although based off of my last few projects, I’d say that I’ve been ding much better!


Before I answer the driving question, I will be answering a few extra questions!

Q: Of the work you completed so far this year, what are you most proud of? Why?

A: hmm thats kinda a hard on to answer, that’s why I picked it! I’m going to be honest here, even though I wasn’t  amazing at following the rules, I am really proud of my final images in the New Beginning project! I think I represented everything best I could, as well as how pretty the background photo is.

Q: Did all the work you completed this year meet your standards?

A: DEFINITELY NOT! I have extremely high standards for myself, but that just means I tend to work harder! Although through the past couple of months, I have worked harder than usual, and (for the most part) met my standards!

Q: What did/do you find frustrating about PLP work?

A: I am a VERY distractible person, and since half (if not more) of my life tends to be on a screen, including school, there are far to many distractions for someone like me. I am working on being less distracted, and I can promise you that it is getting better!


Alright now that all of that has been established, it is time… for everyone’s favorited part of a blog post… THE ANSWERING OF THE DRIVING QUESTION!!!

Question: “Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?”

Answer: “I don’t! But thats what it going to feel like ever year isn’t it? I have had an entire year to improve and I took the opportunity, and I made use of it. Throughout the past 2 months, I have skyrocketed into my work and in my opinion, succeeded greatly in it. Most things I do now is made in a timely manner, yet is also quality work. I don’t feel ready to advance, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t. I most definitely can, I know I can, I’m just afraid of what the next year will bring me.”

Welcome to New France!

Click on this link to see my final images!!

New beginnings was a project very similar to the last few projects, Argh Matey, and the Renaissance: a Change Engine (in my opinion)! We explored a lot of old famous inventions that helped the people of (somewhat) let them live with ease! The printing press, guns, the Compass, etc. in this project, we explored about the trading market during the New France age. We learned a lot about certain groups of people that inhabited New France in the early days (e.g.: Les Filles du Rois, Coureur de Bois, the Haudenosaunee, the European settlers, etc)! 


Let me elaborate a little <3


Originally, the final project was to make an ad that was advertising New France! And advertisement trying to get people to come to New France if ya get what I mean! We kinda ran out of time so we had to change it to something more simple sadly, it would have been fun though!!

Anyways the very first assignment that was assigned to us was an advertisement warm up kinda thing! Basically, we got into a groups of three and revisited our skills from our very first humanities project, The Medium is the Message! We made an ad advertising Seycove, and why you should come to our school (lol)

I cant find the first draft for some reason 🙁 But I did find the revised one (revised by meeee)! Here it is:


The second thing that we did was go on a quick lil nature walk! Just around our school, nothing much! We had to revisit our Maker project, Constructing Creative Communication! This was actually a relatively fun project, so. Enjoyed using my photography skills I learned during that project :] Aaaanyways, we had to take 3 different photos with 3 different angles! Birds eye, worms eye, and close up! I definitely made sure to use the Rule of Thirds!

Here are the 3 photos I took <3:


Then we started doing weekly reflection on how we thing the last week had gone (which of coursed I hated XD), I don’t have much to say for this cuz it only lasted about 2 weeks LOL


The third thing that we did was probably on of my favourite assignments, the Trade Simulations! This was basically just a roleplay situation where we all sat down and traded furs, guns, hats, tokens, and a bunch more! Each item was worth a certain amount of tokens/furs, and our goal was to get one of each item (if I’m remembering correctly)! Every now and then, our teacher would throw in a new and challenging situation, e.g: “your boss tells you that you have 1 month (5 minutes IRL I think?) to collect 10 or more beaver furs or you will fall apart during the cold winter” or something like that! My team won SO HARD lol, we had like 18 beaver furs or something by the end of the game!! Oh right! Forgot to mention, each group was a different trading company, my group was the NWC (North West Company), but sitting across from us was the HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company), to the left was the Haudenosaunee Nation, and to the right was the Ouendat Nation! These were the main trading companies that we roleplayed :]


Next up is the visuals pitch! Pretty simple, just pitching what my two visuals wold be! All i had to do was edit a photo take make it more effective to the kinda “vibe” I wanted to give off! Along with some symbols to represent certain aspects of my topic. Here’s what I came up with:

topic: Les Filles du Roi

Description of the photo i plan to use: a gravel path with greens on both sides.

Visual 1 symbols:

1: a man, because there weren’t many woman before the FDR came TH New France.

2: beavers, because there were probably more beavers before the FDR started to populate New France, and their children used the beavers furs.

3: a token, because children take a lot of money to take care of.

Visual 2 symbols:

1: a bunch of children, because the FDR were brought to France to have a lot of children

2: a pregnant woman, for obvious reasons

3: a wedding ring, because the FDR had an option to marry the father of their children.


Next thing I actually had to MAKE the images! Again, pretty simples, all I had to do was copy what I wrote in my pitch and turn it into an image! After I finished the first draft, I just had to revise it! Sadly, I didn’t have any time to make a revised version, so I just stuck with the first draft since it was “good enough” Here’s what they ended up looking like (idk why the woman and her babies look so cursed lol):


If I’m being completely honest, I think that aside from my maker project “geek out blog challenge”, this was by far one of my best projects. I handed everything in, and MOSLTY on time. Not only was everything done in a timely manner, but it was also quality work! That’s NEVER happened before! I don’t know what hAppend lol, I guess I just had a lot of motivation maybe?


And now… basically the only point of these blog posts… answering the question!!


question: “What did the establishment of New France mean for the people involved

answer: “The establishment of New France meant that the people that discovered/was involved with New France to to live a life full of pride, curiosity, and happiness. They did something for the entire world, they did something amazing for the people living in Quebec now.


thank you for tapping onto my blog post, but I’m gonna tap off for now!! I hope yall have a great summer and I’ll see you sometime in September!!

K.O. Pizza, “Our Pizza Packs a Punch!”

I was partnered with my friend Cameron!

Milestone one: driving question

So the first thing that we did was we actually MADE our driving question! Our teacher gave us a template, “How can I design a _________ for maximum surface area/volume?” And then we had to fill in the blank, this is what we decided to do: “How can I design a pizza and pizza box for maximum volume?”


Originally, we were going to make a circular pizza box, but then we decided that that would be to hard, so we went with a pizza! And then we decided we’d also make a pizza box, but it wouldn’t be circular lol


As usual, we all went and did a buncha workbooks, and then FINALLY, we would get to the good stuff!


Milestone 2: model and formulas

I didn’t do this very well I don’t think, I misunderstood the assignment and then didn’t know how to fix it, so I just left it as is. I did get a ⛅️/☀️ Which isn’t horrible, but I can probably do better next time…

anyways, here’s what it ended up looking like :))


Milestone 3: calculations

so, I’m going to be honest here, I didn’t do a lot of the work for this assignment, it was mostly cam, I didn’t know that we were supposed to do individual calculations. I mean, I did note down all the measurements for the pizza and pizza box, although he took those measurements and calculated the surface area, volume, ratio, etc.

heres what it ended up looking like (sorry for the endless wall of math lol)

Scimatics Design Challenge

Surface area

Top of pepperoni A=πr2=π·1.912≈11.401 x 7 = 79.807
Side of pepperoni
C=2πr=2·π·1.91≈11.969 x 0.1 = 1.197 x 7 = 8.379
Pepperoni 79.807 + 8.379 = 88.186

Top of Cheese A = πr2 = π·11.052 ≈ 383.457 – 79.807 = 303.65

Bottom crust A = πr2 = π·11.052 ≈ 383.457

Pizza 88.186 + 303.65 + 383.457 = 775.293



Pepperoni V = πr2h = π · 1.912 · 0.1 ≈ 1.14 x 7 = 7.98

Cheese V = πr2h = π · 11.052 · 0.3 ≈ 113.887

Bottom Crust V = πr2h = π · 11.252 · 0.89 ≈ 354.269

Ring of Crust V = πr2h = π · 122 · 2.38 ≈ 1074.425 – 944.319 = 130.106

Pizza 7.98 + 354.269 + 113.887 + 130.106 = 606.242


Surface area

Top of Bottom of box 27 x 27 = 729 – (13.5 x 2 + 26 x 2) = 650 (squared)
Sides of bottom of box 27 x 0.375 = 10.125 x 4 = 40.5 (squared)
Bottom of box 27 x 27 = 729 (squared)
Bottom of box 650 + 40.5 + 729 = 1419.5

Top of front wall .5 x 27 = 13.5 x 2 = 27 (squared)
Front of front and back walls 27 x 2.5 = 67.5 x 2 = 135 (squared)
Back of front and back walls 27 x 2.5 = 67.5 – (2.5 x 2) = 62.5 x 2 = 125 (squared)
Right and left of front and back walls 0.5 x 2.5 = 1.25 x 4 = 5 (squared)
Front and back walls 27 + 135 + 125 + 5 = 292

Top of Left and right walls 1 x 26 = 26 x 2 =52 (squared)
Left and right of left and right walls 26 x 2.5 = 65 x 4 = 260 (squared)
Left and right walls 52 + 260 = 312

Bottom All flaps 0.2 x 26.576 = 5.3152 x 3 = 15.946 (squared)
Right and left of all flaps (front and back for front) 26.576 x 1.284 = 34.124 x 6 = 204.744 (squared)
Front and back of all flaps (left and right of front) 0.2 x 1.284 = 0.257 x 6 = 1.542 (squared)
All flaps 15.946 + 204.744 + 1.542 = 222.232

Top of top of box 27 x 27 = 729 (squared)
Sides of top of box 27 x 1 = 27 x 4 = 108 (squared)
Bottom of top of box 27 x 27 = 729 – (5.3152 x 3) = 713.036 (squared)
Top of box 729 + 108 + 713.036 = 1550.036

Pizza Box 1419.5 + 292 + 312 + 222.232 + 1550.036 = 3795.768



Front and back walls 0.5 x 27 x 2.5 = 33.75 x 2 = 67.5 (cubed)

Right and Left walls 26 x 1 x 2.5 = 65 x 2 = 130 (cubed)

Bottom of box 27 x 27 x 0.375 = 273.375 (cubed)

All Flaps 0.2 x 26.576 x 1.284 = 6.825 x 3 = 20.475 (cubed)

Top of box 27 x 27 x 1 = 729 (cubed)

Pizza Box 67.5 + 130 + 273.375 + 20.475 + 729 = 1220.35


Milestone 5 (there wasn’t a milestone 4 for some reason): presentation

Our presentation ended up going really well!! A lot better than I thought it would, I would import the video of Cam and I presenting, but I forget how to TwT

I wish that we had practiced a little more, I was stuttering a lot and needing to constantly look at the presentation to read the words, instead of making eye constant with my audience, I will certainly do better on that next time.

Anyways, if anyones interested, here’s our presentation!!

Scimatics Design


Milestone 6: blog post

I don’t have much to say on this one since you know, you’re reading it right now!!


IT’S TIME FOR THE MOMENT YOU’VE ALL BE WAITING FOR!! The answers the the driving question!!

Question: “How can I design a pizza and pizza box for maximum volume?

Answer: Well, we didn’t actually end up meeting our goal, which was to maximize the volume, id say that the pizza is probably maximizing the volume, but it was probably the pizza box that messed it up a little. We could’ve made the walls a lot thicker, which yes, would increase the surface area, but it would increase the volume even more.


Thank you for reading my blog post!! I hope y’all will have a lovely day <33


Ahhh DI… every PLP student’s worst nightmare…

“What’s DI?” you may be asking yourself! Well, lemme answer your question. “DI” stands for “Destination Imagination” Let me elaborate! Around the beginning of the year, we were assigned to complete a challenge. My group was composed of: Tom, Luca, Makai, Jupiter, Julia, and Judah (although Judah  opted out about halfway through it due to personal reasons), and our challenge was “Fine Arts”. We all had to work together to make a fine arts play, based off of a trickster (I have to admit that we never fully decided who we based the trickster off of but uhhhhh)!
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Tell Me, How Do You Feel About Coding?

HOW CAN THE BEHAVIOUR OF MATTER BE EXPLAINED BY THE KINETIC MOLECULAR THEORY AND ATOMIC THEORY” is what todays driving question is! By the end of this blog post, you will have my honest answer to this question.


This project was about coding, and atoms (specifically the kinetic/molecular/atomic theory). So basically, we had to make a game using Scratch, (which is a coding website for kids) that would explain the kinetic/molecular/atomic theory.

As always, we started this project with “a project start MindMap”. I’m not sure if I explained what a MindMap is in one of my prior Sciematics blog posts, I’ll just explain it again. So basically what a MindMap is, is something to keep track of your thoughts. For example, in the middle there will be “mind mapping”, and over to the right there will be a branch with the title “pros” and over to the left is a branch with “cons” and then off of those branches, there will be more branches with the pros and cons! I’m not sure if I explained that very well, but here is my MindMap:

I hope that help you understand a bit better!


Next, same as always, we read a bunch of textbooks, and completed bunch of workbooks, which is one of my least favourite part of any sciematics project TwT


This was the plan for my game:


My game uses a carbon atom. It will be a pong game with 3 levels, easy, medium, and hard. Although instead for calling them “easy, medium, and hard” I will title them “solid, liquid, and gas” and I will add an optional level titled “plasma” which will be next to impossible. In the menu page, I will make it so that you will be able to click on a level of your choice, although you have to complete each level to complete the game (except for the plasma level which is optional, and is just an extra challenge). Once the score hits 30 the game will suddenly cut back to the menu and you will choose a different level. As the levels rise in heat, the pong ball (also known as the molecule) will speed up. I might decide to add in 1 extra atom for liquid (2 atoms in total), and 2 extra atoms for gas (3 atoms in total), and then 2 more atoms and make the paddle a little smaller for the plasma level (3 atoms in total + smaller paddle).

The mechanics of the game is fairly simple, you would just drag your mouse across the screen to move the paddle, the paddle will be at the bottom of the screen, if the ball touches anything on the bottom of the screen other than the paddle, you would get transported back to the menu. Plasma would be the level where the ball is going extremely fast, and solid would be the level where the ball is going extremely slow.

Sadly, most of this didnt happen. I did manage to make a functional png game though!


if you want to play my game, click on this link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/671139103


It’s time to answer the question now!!




Thank you so much for reading my blog post! I’ll see you in my next blog post :3

My Disastrous Adventures At Loon Lake!!

Hi hi! It’s Kai!! It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these hasn’t it! I lost motivation to write these blog posts for a hot minute there.

Okay, so my class, and a class a grade up from me all went to Loon Lake, together, and it was absolute CHAOS. Y’all may not know this but I have a deathly fear of vomit. Like, really deathly. and so a ride on a school bus with a bunch of carsick high schoolers would be a no-go for me. So my parents (I love y’all) free’d up their afternoon so that they could drive me aaaaaall the way to loon lake (I think it was an hour and a half drive from where we live?). I got to do my favourite thing the entire way there, draw! I got a bunch of commissions done which was good, considering I wouldn’t be able to do that most of the time at loon lake :]

I think I was about 15-20 minutes late (as usual) so I had no clue where I was supposed to go. I hugged my parents goodbye and sent them on their way, and then proceeded to look for a teacher so I could ask for directions. They told me to find some wifi and look at the schedule, which wasn’t going to be that easy considering my iPad was dead. I managed to find a plug somehow and looked at the schedule. After that I had little to no trouble finding my dorm! I was in the student centre south, my roommates were Brooke, Susan, Gwenyth, and Kira!

here’s a photo of my dorm (taken by Susan):

(Featuring Brooke lol)

We started that day off with a forest walk, and since the forest trail was across a little shallow part of the late, we got to tow ourselves over with a pulley ferry or whatever we called it. So basically, there was a rope that we had to pull to get ourselves across the lake. It was wet, and it was FREEEEEZING. Not all of us helped because we didn’t want to get wet and cold, I helped because im a living heater and there was no way I would get cold. I did get cold, just my hands, but still!! Once we finally got across the lake, we had to find and take photos of stuff like a pinecones, twigs, and leaves, which were really easy to find, I mean, we WERE in a forest! But then there were things that we had to find like animal tracks, and squirrels (they were hibernating when we were at loon lake), which were much harder to find, we didn’t find any :/ We finished our walk, and luckily we didn’t have to pull ourselves across the lake again, I hate having cold hands, we just went around the lake.

Here’s some of my favourite photos that I took on the photo walk ^^

(Photo of the pulley ferry thingy)

I we only had dinner that day, I don’t remember what we had, but I do remember it was delicious! As was all the other meal that we had, the cooks were great!

here’s a photo of one of the dinners:

Pretty much everyone’s favourite part of the day was evening fun! We had 3 (well, I think there was 4 but it can’t remember that the 4th one was ;-;) options, play basketball in the gym, play board games in the yew (I think it was the yew), and hang out in out dorm lounge! You can probably guess which one I picked, option 3! I hung out with my friends in the longe, laughed, drew, etc, it was really fun! I’m glad that that was one of the options 🙂

Finally time to wind down… and… it was the most chaotic part of the day (for me at least), one of the people in the dorm beside me threw up. And they didn’t want to tell a teacher. One of my other friends also has a deathly fear of vomit, worse that me which is kinda hard to beat. We were panicking. All the people in my dorm made the mutual decision to inform one of the teachers of what had happened without yellowing the person that threw up.  A teacher came to take them to a place where they could isolate (because vomiting is a symptom of covid) while they waited for their parents to pick them up. By the time that they got picked up, we had to go to sleep, how was I supposed to sleep when someone in the dorm next to me just threw up?? Well, I think I managed.

The next morning, I had nearly forgotten the fiasco that had happened the night before. I had breakfast with my friends, again, I can’t remember what we had once again, I just remember that it was freaking amazing.

The rest of the week was pretty normal, same things every day (not that its a bad thing of course ^^), we had breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we had evening fun, we did DI, nothing extremely eventful happened, it was kinda just like PLP schooling but in the forest lol.

By the 3rd day (Wednesday), my parents picked me up after meeting up with my advisory group, we had agreed that since I have separation anxiety, I would only have to stay for 3 days. I’m honestly kind of sad that I didn’t stay for the last day (which would only be a half day anyways).


So yeah! That was My Disastrous Adventures At Loon Lake! I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, until next time!

Get Ready to Reflect!

Here are the driving questions for this blog post:

  1. How have I demonstrated growth as a learner so far this year?
  2. How can I sharpen my Learning Plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end off this school year?

So there’s this thing called an “mPOL” which stands for “Mid-Term Presentation of Learning”, A.K.A., the source of my stress!!

We all start somewhere, so I will show you where we started! You may not have heard of these apps, but all of P.L.P. has heard these words enough times per day to support a lifetime! “Basecamp” and “Showbie

Continue reading “Get Ready to Reflect!”

I’m A Poet And I Know It!

Working with words driving question: “Why might I construct text that shows who I am right now?

For this project we had to write 8 different poems about worldview!

Those 8 poems were:

  1. Simile Poem – 10 lines, describe your worldview with similes
  2. Haiku – 3, show a change in the third line results from a shift in your worldview
  3. Found Poem – choose a text that reveals something about your worldview that is at least 50/100 words, cut in half, write 3-5 sentences at the end showing how you changed the original text
  4. Imagery Poem – using alliteration and assonance, 10-15 lines, describe a part of your worldview that you haven’t discussed before
  5. Sound Poem – 10-15 lines, what is the sound of your worldview
  6. Experience Poem – 15-20 lines, using denotation/connotation, mood, and a specific theme, describe an experience that shaped your worldview
  7. Personification Poem – 10-15 lines, personify worldview itself (this could be your group’s poem or you can write your own)
  8. Self-Portrait Poem – 25-30 lines, who are you?

To see those 8 poems, click the link bellow to read my eBook!

My Worldview Poems eBook

And just for fun, heres a poem I wrote about gender dysphoria:

“Everyday I feel a little less at home

Stuck in this body, that I would not call my own

These pronouns, 

These simple little words,

They burn a hole in my heart every time they are heard

This feminine waist,

This feminine chest,

This feminine face

Is all I have left.”

And now to answer the driving questions! “Why might I construct text that shows who I am right now?

My answer:

“Making my own text makes you really have to think about who you are, I may even discover a new part of myself.”

Thank you so much for tuning, but I’ve gotta tune out!


There are many ways of getting a fursuit:

  • Get a commission (I suggest instagram)!
  • Buy a premade (you can find lots at The Dealer’s Den)
  • Make one! (That’s what I’ve been doing lately!)

Fursuits can become extremely expensive depending on the complexity of your fursona, and the skill level of the maker you chose, the most expensive fursuit ever sold went for $23,500!!! Although, some fursuits can be free, I’ve seen a few for only $50! I personally got mine for $600

Here’s what my fursuit looks like (head and tail) (I commissioned @jellisuitz on instagram):

I’m working on a commission for a friend, this is what the base looks like so far!

(Its in the taping phase)

I am working on a fursuit collab with a friend though! I’m also starting on fursuit paw commission! I already got one I’m supper exited!