ITTTTT’S GAME TIME! (Time, time, time, time)

In scimatics, me an Chris recently created a game called Outlast. The driving question for this project was: How are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design? And I hav absolutely no idea what thematic means so… “ta-da”.

Anyways, to answer the question above, some mathematical components in a game is probability (ex: dice, cards, dice, other things with probability that I’m just too lazy to come up with. Also this list is getting long so bye). If you want to add probability into your game, all you have to do is add some of the components listed above.

Anyway the goal of the game is to gain 100 knowledge points. You can gain knowledge points by exploring the tectonic plates and surviving natural disasters. Here are the full rules.I think that me and Chris did a good job on inventing a unique game.

What do you think of our game. To play it yourself all you need are 2-4 game pieces, 2 dice and a map of the tectonic plates as a board. Here is our board.

Goodbye and have fun playing.

The new official PLP learner !!! :)

I am now a PLP learner! What I mean by this is, I have learned what it takes to be a true team member, especially the of PLP team (and yes, in case you didn’t know, PLP is a team). In this project, I also told people how I work as a team. For this project we had to learn what it takes to be a team, how to do things on the the iPad (make a Memoji,create this blog and Keynote.) and I discovered who I am.

I than presented all of what I learned in a presentation to all the PLP 8 parents (witch you can see here).

Also here is some critique I received.

The driving question of this project was how do I build and strengthen the PLP learning team. I build and strengthen the PLP team by helping my group put there ideas together to make one comprised project.

From pen, to paper

  • To many images.
  • The logo is horrible.
  • This one is a lot better

Hello. This is the evolution of my individual ad for covert. On my first draft, I was told that there were too many pictures. The logo was also didn’t blend. For my second draft, the logo still didn’t blend, or work properly. On my final draft, i decided to put a brown square behind te logo.  I also decided to change the image of covert from the outside to the market.

This is my final ad, made with my group: Jackson, Cameron, Ronan, Kate and Julia. But before I could create any ads, I had to learn something. One of the first things I did was analyze the media of the past. The ad I chose to evaluate was an old ad of Caramilk 

After I analyzed media of the past, I learned the different aspects of advertising, using a design workbook. Here is one of the pages.

The driving question for this project was: how dose what we hear, read and view contributes to our ability to be educated and engaged citizens. I think the answer to that question is that through media, we can learn many things, but not everything can be trusted and that we must learn the difference between true and false.

Me, Myself and I.

Doesn’t it look just like me?

well you don’t know what I look like but your answer should be…

wow that looks just like you, what a good job you did. But that’s not why you’re here. You want the technique. Well, what I was told to do was add shadows and boarders to my stickers to make them look like stickers. This wasn’t my first attempt. If you want to see that one…

Oups, I dropped it. How careless of me.


Well know you can see the difference.

Cheaters only…

Hello there.

If you are reading this, then you have accessed the ultimate cheat sheet for PLP! This guide will tell you all the projects for PLP ad how to do them (and what not to do). I will also include some of my video game achievements here. Good luck and lets all hope i don’t get in trouble for doing this.