Last T-Pol

Hello and welcome to my last T-pol of PLP. I would first like to thank my teachers for having me in this program and how helpful they have been throughout the first couple years of High School. To kick off this T-pol lets go over my learning plan from the very start of the year. […]


Welcome to my MPOL!   First off lets take a look at my learning plan I made at the start of the year.                               I will mostly talk about the growth columns. The first one is humanities and I said that […]

Classroom rollercoaster

Hello and welcome to my mini blog post about a rollercoaster we made in class. Our goal of this assignment was to create a rollercoaster with classroom materials under a budget of 1,000,000 dollars. You had to score the most points to be able to have your coaster in scream-o-rama. You would score points by […]

The Winter Exhibition

Hello everyone and welcome to my Winter Exhibition Blog Post The first thing we did to start off this project was watch avatar and record all the themes we saw in the movie like Racism, and colonization. After we watch the movie we chose a theme we wanted to study and we split up into […]

The video project I wasn’t there for

Hello again and welcome to my blog! This blog will be on the shorter side of blogs because I was only there for half of the project The first thing we did was create our first short film. The short film we chose to do was the great debate which was a debate between which […]

The great west

Hello again! Welcome to my blog. This blog is all about the driving question: How the Geography in the west shape who we are? The first thing we did in this project was an amazing experience. We travelled around Alberta and we learned all about the west. Our first stop was to check out the […]


Hello and welcome to my first blog post of grade 9 This blog post will be about ecosystems and a deeper dive into them.  First I will introduce the driving question: In what ways have human beings impacted the delicate cycles within our local ecosystems and how can we lessen our impact? To start off […]

New France

Hello! This blog post is about New France! In this projet we learned a lot of stuff about everything in New France. We also learned how to use evidence, the first thing we did was a evidence work sheet. In this sheet we had to define evidence, use an example of when you would use […]

The summer exhibition

Hello and welcome to the summer exhibition 2022! This exhibition was the most fun because I got to eat a lot of cookies. To start the exhibition we took a while to figure out where everyone was going to go in the room. And once we figured it out we were pretty much set to […]

Comic cells

Welcome back to another blog! THE DRIVING QUESTION: How do cells and diseases interact answer: Innate immune cells recognize certain molecules found on many pathogens. These cells also react to signaling molecules released by the body in response to infection. Through these actions, innate immune cells quickly begin fighting an infection. This response results in […]