The Renaissauce

The Renaissance, one of the most important ages in history. It is important because a lot of human evolution occurred in this time. The first thing we did in this project was a name chart. A name chart consists of 4 sections   Novelty: How important this object/person from the past is in the present […]

A game of atoms

Hello again! This blog is all about the project CHEMISTRY CODING! It all started the same as every project starts, with a MIND MAP. Mind maps are exactly what they sound like, it is a map of the project that contains questions and answers of what is on your mind. Here is a picture of […]

Loon Lake Learning Advance

Hello again! This blog post is all about my school trip to loon lake. When we got to Loon Lake we got our bags and headed to the amphitheater to do our first assignment. Our first assignment was to walk in a forest loop with a group of four people, and look for items on […]

The story of my growth as a learner

Hello! In this post I will be talking about my answers to the driving questions, How have I demonstrated my growth as a learner so far this year? and, how can I sharpen my learning plan to ensure I will reach my learning targets by the end of this school year. Firstly at the time […]

The Meaning of my Bike Related Drawings

                                  This drawing is about going into the back country to bike. I drew it on procreate thinking the mountains were where I was biking earlier that day and the tent was where I would sleep. The campfire was […]

How To Take Your Hands Off The Bars of a Bike!

Hello fellow people! today I am going to be showing you how to take you hands off of the handle bars of a bike while your in mid air or on the ground, and all the tricks you can do with them off. No Handed Ground Tricks Riding No Handed Firstly, no handed riding is […]

The Surprising Story of my Biking Life

Hi everyone, this is a story on why and how I got into mountain biking. I was riding my first non-training wheels bike when I was 2, it was a racing BMX. I didn’t really like biking at the time so my parents decide to put me in a race to see if it would trigger […]

The insiders (outsiders)

Hello everyone! This project was all about the novel outsiders by S.E Hinton. The driving question is: how does the outsiders hear, read, and see influence us? The start of this project we were assigned a chapter of the book at the end of every humanities class. Then we would read a chapter in class […]

Apple Pencil drawing stuff

In this project we had to develop our drawing skills. For example shading and perspective. this is where I excelled because I love to draw and I do it all the time so a class of just straight drawing was really fun. The first project we did you had to make your name in block/bubble […]

Tectonic plates game blog

This project we were supposed to design and create a board game that involved the tectonic plates. Our group decided to make a 3D board game which was a really great idea because it really made our game stand out. We made a mountain, a ocean, and a bunch of small details like trains tracks […]