I Can Communicate Clearly Through… Drawing!

For the past couple of weeks, I have been learning how to communicate and express myself creatively no matter what purpose, platform, tools, styles, and formats I use.

To start off this project, we got split up into two different groups. Carr and Herzog. In Carr you would focus on drawing and sketching and doodling while in Herzog, you would take pictures and other types of digital media. I got put into Carr.

To be honest, I am not that talented at drawing but I always have an open mind for new things! Each class, we would start to learn new skills and for the first class we learned about using pressure.

to learn about using pressure, we made word art of our name. Here is mine.

While making this, I wanted it to include some of my interests so that it was more unique and different. Since I am a competitive swimmer and i swim all the time, I wanted to include that into my art. To do that, I drew a wave under my name and because my club colours are green and white, I also used those colours. I think the hardest part of this was making the bubble letters because I don’t normally write letters like this.

The next skill we got to learn was doodling. To show this skill, we made a sketch note. A sketch note is basically just images and symbols to show anything you want. You could use it to show a to do list, a day in your life, a book report, etc. here is mine.

I decided to make a day in my life. This was actually really fun and I got to learn about using symbols and I got to practice some of my doodling skills. I would definitely recommend you try this to help you take notes or organize things. If I were to do it again though, I would try to include boxes or arrows to organize my ideas to make it more clear.

The third skill we learned was shading. I am not very good at shading and whenever I try to use it in one of drawings, it ends up looking like this.

  (Image from Napoleon Dynamite)

It took me like three hours just to shade the upper lip!

One thing that helped my understand how shading works was this.⬇️

What I did was I started off by making a shading spectrum (I think that’s what its called). Then I started shading the sphere. On the right side of the page, you can see a square, I used this as a window so I could imagine where the light was coming from. Doing this exercise helped me a lot so I decided to start using it to draw other things.

To be honest, this is not the best mug I’ve ever seen. When I made it I thought it looked a lot better. I still learned a lot about shading though which is good.

The fourth skill we learned was perspective. To practice, we made this.

It doesn’t look like much but it was actually very helpful. I learned how to draw a room so it actually look like there was dimension to it. After this I decided I wanted to make a landscape. This is how it turned out.

I loved making this because I can really communicate my point of view. I chose to draw this landscape because it is a recurring place in my dreams and it feels really calming. If I didn’t learn how to use perspective, I would not be able to communicate what I am seeing and feeling.

I also made an opposite image. Here it is.

Instead of this image making me feel calm, I wanted to draw the opposite. I originally drew the hallways of the school but then I wanted to make it more eerie and creepy. I am very proud of these images.

The last skill we learnt was how to use colour. To do this we got to make our very own logo for a brand. We were also lucky enough to have a special guest teach us about graphic design. Her name was Chloe Devine. After listening to her talk I got lots of ideas of what to do. I decided to make my brand a swim shop but all the things we sell are made of recycled materials. This was my finished design.

To make this all I did was find a picture of a swimmer I liked and a dolphin and use them as references. While making this I learned a lot about colour, images and layout. I think this skill can really help me communicate my ideas.

Through out this project, I have been learning many cool and useful skills and techniques that help me with my art and drawing. With all the things I learned, I think I can use them a lot to help me express my ideas easier and clearer.


Plate Smash- Tectonic Board Game


For my very first ever Scimatics project, we were asked to create a board game about tectonic plates that included at least ten science concepts and probability.

I was put in a group with Susan. Here is her blog if you want to check it out https://www.blog44.ca/susane/

As soon as we were introduced to this project I started coming up with ideas and concepts but I very quickly realized that I would need more information about tectonic plates before I start.

First of all, for anyone out there that does not know what tectonic plates are, they are basically plates that are under the earths crust that move. These plates are the reason why earthquakes and volcanoes happen and how islands and mountains are formed. They also moved and are still moving our contents. This is called continental drift.

  This is what our earth looked like 335 million years ago

In class, to help us build more of our knowledge about this topic, we did an experiment about convection currents. At first, I was not sure how convection currents had anything to do with tectonic plates but it turns out it does. This is a proses called mantle convection. Earth’s mantle is made of partially melted material. Energy from radioactive decay from Earth’s core heats up parts of the mantle. Warmer material which is not as dense rises and cooler, denser material sinks. This causes very large convection currents within the mantle. This causes mantle material to move and when it does, it drags the tectonic plates above with it.

⬇️here are some images from the experiment⬇️

Above was us poring red and blue liquid into a divided container. The red liquid was warm and the blue liquid was cold.

After that, we removed the divider and the liquid slowly merged together. The first thing we noticed was that the warm liquid was going on top and the cold liquid was going to the bottom. This is because the warm liquid is less dense than cold liquid.

I really liked this experiment because it is cool to see what it actually looks like when cold and warm liquid meets.

After this and also reading about tectonic plates in a textbook, my partner and I started coming up with some game ideas and rules.

⬇️ Game Rules ⬇️



The goal of our game was to be the last one standing by attacking other players. The game board was made up of plates that you can move apart and together to create the different plate boundaries. To attack you must place the type of plate boundary you want to use and the effect from that plate boundary with it. For example, I could place a convergent plate boundary and an earthquake to attack. For the attack to work, I must roll certain numbers on the die which was the probability part of the project.

⬆️game board⬆️



Evaluating: Demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence🌈

In this core competency, I demonstrated an extending knowledge of this. I incorporated more than ten key concepts and my game pieces visually represents tectonic plates in a creative and beautiful way.


Questioning and predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest🌈

In this core competency, I also demonstrated an extending knowledge of this. I used all of my class time efficiently with no distractions or getting off task.


Understanding and solving: Develop, demonstrate, and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving🌈

In this core competency, I also demonstrated an extending knowledge of this. I incorporated probability into every turn and I showed it clearly in the game rules. For example to attack with an earthquake, you need to roll a 2,4, or 6. That is a 3/6 or 1/2 chance of being able to attack.

At the beginning of the project, we all made a mindnode and at the end we answered our questions and added more onto it.⬇️


Over all I really enjoyed this project and I had a lot of fun making it and learning about it.

thanks for reading this👋 bye

How Do I Contribute to the PLP Learning Team?

Over the past month or so, we have been working on this project, Becoming a PLP learner. Our goal was to answer this driving question, how can I build and strengthen the PLP learning team and to create a time capsule that holds all of this information.

For us to learn how we can build and strengthen the PLP learning team, we have to learn more about ourselves and how we work, which has brought us to one of my favourite things that we did in this project, The Big Life journal. The goal of The Big Life Journal was for us to learn more about ourselves, our goals, our mindsets, and our future dreams. The reason why I enjoyed doing this so much was because I thought it was super fun and interesting. The Big Life Journal helped me realize things about myself that I never would have even thought about before doing it. I would rate this milestone a 10/10 experience.

The image above is a page from the Big Life Journal.

Another thing that we made at the beginning of this project was our Memoji laptop. Obviously, as soon as I heard what we were doing I was so excited but I wasn’t totally sure what it was for. Our Memoji laptop was basically a Memoji of us on a laptop with a whole bunch of stickers on it to show our personalities and who we are. After making it and reflecting on it, to me, the Memoji was made to express ourselves and to show our interests and what we love. I would rate this milestone a 10/10 experience.

The image above is my Memoji laptop.

We also were introduced to something called a teamwork contract. One of the main things this project was focusing on was how do you work in a team. The point of the teamwork contract is for you to promise to your feature teammates how will you build and strengthen the PLP learning team. After a lot of thinking I chose 6 things that I promise to bring to our team, I wrote, creativity, leadership, organization, listening, multitasking, and problem solving. I would rate this a 10/10 experience.

The image above is my teamwork contract.

After gathering all of this information and projects, it was time to add it into our time capsule. Since we are in PLP, we are obviously going to create it on our iPad. We decided to make a keynote presentation and then we were going to present it in front of all the PLP parents. In my keynote, I included my Memoji, three pieces from my Big Life Journal, my teamwork contract and other things like a physical representation and artist statement, who am I, and my user manual. 

The video below is a guided tour of my keynote presentation.

Now it is time for the moment we’ve all been waiting for… presentation day. It started off as a normal Wednesday until we started moving tables around frantically try to make everything perfect, it turned out amazing in the end. At 5pm, parents started flooding in, we took them to the library so they could learn more about this project and how to critique which they did to our projects. When they came over to our tables we would explain our project while guiding them through our keynotes. I think it went really well and I am super proud of my presentation skills.

This is an image of me and my teammates during the presentation.

Once all our parents and other parents looked at our projects, they received a critique form to fill out for us. I received some really helpful critique and ill make sure to keep it in mind for the next upcoming projects.

This is one of the critique forms that I got from my parents.

From this entire project I learnt that I can build and strengthen the PLP learning team in many ways. For example, I am a strong leader, i am organized, i am creative and many other things i said during this post and in my keynote. I think the most important thing i can bring is myself. Everyone is different and everyone has different skills but no one can contribute them if they are not there. The most important thing is that you attend every project being excited and ready  to learn, then your skills will help the team.

My Journey with Advertising

The driving question for this project is how does what we hear, read, and see influence us? For the past five weeks, we have been learning and gathering information to answer this question.

To see when this all started, let’s head back to one of the very first posts we received, Adult World Connection. This is where we first found out that we will be working with a real life business to creat an ad. As you can see from the image above, my team got Honeys.

At first, this project felt extremely intimidating, I was supposed to work with a real life business for goodness sake! Once we started to gather information and learn more about advertising, it started to become a lot more clear though.

One of the things that helped me feel more excited about advertising was this video by Apple called Welcome Home. Here is the video.

This ad was created by Apple to advertise their new Home Pod. The reason why this made me excited for this project was because it is amazing to see how fun and cool advertising can be. This video gave me the tingles when I first saw it because it has a story and it makes you feel things.

That video made my creative juices start to flow and I desperately wanted to start to work on my ad but before I could even think about what I wanted to do, I had to contact the business. This was the part that I was dreading. I am not totally comfortable with speaking to professional adults about professional things so this made me very nervous. Obviously the owner of honeys was very kind and I was able to get a free doughnut from them!

Now I was so excited to start my ad, I had all the things the owner wanted us to include, the colours, the text, the product. So I decided to start my first ad.

This was my very sad first attempt at making my ad. Looking back at this, there was so much empty space, most of the images and text were off to one side and the background colour was disgusting. I didn’t even include the colours or information that my business wanted us to.

Obviously, I had no clue how advertising worked. One of the biggest problems with this ad in my opinion is the colours.

One of the things that helped me understand more about colours and contrast was the design principals workbook. The design principals workbook was an activity we did to learn more about advertising techniques and appeals.

This is one of the pages that I benefited the most from. It doesn’t look like much but even just trying out new colours and images made everything a lot more clear.

After this, I new I was ready to start making other drafts. This is a slide show showing all of my advertising drafts, from the first one to the last one.


After I was happy with my individual ad, our group started to work on the group ad. You can see our final group ad at the very top of the post. We took inspiration for Kira’s individual ad. Her blog will be linked down below.

After we finished making the ad, its time to reflect back and answer the driving question I talked about at the beginning. How does what we hear, read, and see influence us. I think it influences us because we normally have a lot of trust in big brands and corporations. As soon as we hear, read, or see something that they are telling us we tend to believe it. We also are influenced by social media a lot. Especially likes, comments and follows. Sometimes it can even take a big tole on peoples lives. People may start to get so desperate for attention and being famous that they will start to do stupid things. But, not all things are bad. We may find new hacks, friends, interesting information online, it just depends what you want to do with it and how easily you can be influenced.

Thanks for reading my post!


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