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When looking into the past there’s trillions upon trillions of things that you could remember. Unfortunately for us the human brain can’t remember all of them. This means we have to find some way to separate memorable events from unimportant… Continue Reading →

Vote DRP!

The last time I made a serious group video in school was all the way back in grade nine. That’s a lot of memories. Luckily I haven’t forgot everything I learned about making videos yet. Although that’s not to say… Continue Reading →

The Dominion Revival Party

In class over the last week or so, me and a group of my piers have finally started our task to create our own political party. There are virtually no restrictions to what we can do, as long as it… Continue Reading →

Why Canadians may not be seeing the change the want in government.

With the federal election coming to an end many Canadians are left disappointed with the lack of change from this election. As it was already held early and cost over 600 million dollars (CBC) it was expected to make a difference… Continue Reading →

A Whole Lot of Change and Public Speaking

How did Canadian life develop after WWII? This was the driving question for our project in the final quarter. I found that this final quarter was incredibly challenging for a variety of reasons. I had math 10 everyday which is… Continue Reading →

Public speaking tips.

Speaking clearly can be one of the hardest things for people to do, especially when they are under pressure or in front of a crowd. Or in my case recording long podcasts with complicated language. Luckily there are a few… Continue Reading →

Changing the Face of War

We have looked at the changes and continuity’s in many different sports, hobby’s and profession during this project. Interestingly though we have yet to talk about the changes from the 1950s to 2021 regarding the way we fight wars. This… Continue Reading →


The final week of PLP being separate cohorts just finished. I am so relieved to be back in class everyday as I find it much easier to stay on task, not procrastinate and be a good learner. With this week… Continue Reading →

How aluminum went from trinkets to satellites.

This week we were tasked with designing and presenting a keynote that would inform our audience on how something changed and stayed the same from 1950 to 2020. I chose to focus on motocross for this presentation and it was… Continue Reading →

How the changes in Disney land show changes in the world

Disney land has been a staple of American culture ever since its creation in 1955. Based of some of the most popular stories ever made, it attracted, and still attracts millions of people each year. But over the last 66… Continue Reading →

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