The Renaissance: a Change Engine

Hi! It’s owen here again (: This project in humanities is about the renaissance. (1400-1500’s) Driving question: What significant developments emerged from the past and how do they impact us today? In the renaissance project we explored the renaissance (wow) and the impact it caused on humanity and the inventions/artwork created during it. One ofContinue reading The Renaissance: a Change Engine


Driving question for DI: How might we learn and experience the creative process while developing our creativity, curiosity, and courage? Hi, its been a while i suppose. I have a beautiful post for you todayyyyy (: Ma teammates blogs: Charlie, Dylan, Hannah, Keaton, Ruby, and Evangeline Β (probably better than my blog) So DI is prettyContinue reading DI(e)

DI (my blog was destroyed) (second times the charm WOOOOO)

A while ago our teachers told us we had to participate in DI (destination Imagination (NOW MY DAMN KEYBOARD ISNT WORKING TOUCH TYPE TIMEEEEEE) DI has 4 challenge categories fine arts (yucky) festival frenzy (my second choice) biology microscope stuff (ew i hate bugs) and daring escape (THATS MEEE) (the keyboard started working again here)Continue reading DI (my blog was destroyed) (second times the charm WOOOOO)