Creation of Confederation

Hi everyone welcome back to another post, todays post is going to be about my most recent journey learning about confederation in Canada.

This project was about the creation of confederacy in Canada, its pros, its cons, and much more. The main characters or key people in this event were John A Macdonald and Louis Riel. At the start of this project we were put in to groups. Each group was a part of Canada, some groups had more power because they were given a better area of Canada and some groups weren’t as fortunate. I ended up in Canada east which was mostly just Quebec for this experiment. Canada east was Avery populated an had great trade at this time, so we were handed a lot of advantages and not many disadvantages. The goal for each group was to plead their case on why they would be a good fit for confederation, or they explain why they didn’t want join. At the end every group joined Except for PEI because they couldn’t contribute to the confederation.

After that simulation of confederacy we moved on to notes, it was important we understood who the key sides and people of this time were, we neededto know for a final product. We ;earned about the Mètis peoples, we learned about the confederacy side, but the people who stood out most to me were John A Macdonald and louis riel.
They were complete opposites, one was once depicted as a hero and one was depicted as a villain, even though it was the other way around. John was looked at as a hero for being a founding father of confederation but he did it my ridding Canada of the indigenous peoples. His opposite Louis Riel stood up for the Mètis and payed for it with his life.

Next we pitched the idea of our board game. Here’s our pitch.

Are board game consisted of two main ideas, risk and Monopoly. Are board was shaped like the monopoly board and had special cards. These cards were trivia cards that you had to answer correctly to pass. The risk element was battling for land by rolling dice, if you won you would place a card on the other player’s land.
Our board game showed that life was unfair for the Mètis people because the confederation wanted to drive them out, our game showed nationalism by people fighting for their country and the creation of a country. Thank you for reading

Full Steam Ahead

Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog post, this post is a reflection of a project in my humanities class we had a little while ago. The project was called full steam ahead, we learned about the Industrial Revolution and slam poetry.

The driving question for this project was, “how can slam poetry help us connect issues. Slam poetry has emotion and passion, it can be used to talk about are worlds problems, I see it as a more effective way to connect issues than just talk, when people see slam poetry with passion, frustration and any other emotions they become aware of these issues.

At the of this project we watched videos about the industrial Revolution so we could get a basic understanding. Are main focuses were causes and consequences. We talked about innovations and there consequences, these consequences could be good or bad. Next we had to learn what a slam poem is. What better way to start then listen to this poem by Shane coison. Click here

This poem showed us how to present and be passionate and confident. He got people to care, not by what he said, but by how he said it. The next part of this journey was writing a paragraph on the consequences of the Industrial Revolution, Mine was mainly focused on the impacts it had on the environment.

The next part of the project was focused on more stamp poems. We talked about effective poems and ineffective poems. After this we chooses a poem topic, mine was the environmental impact of the Industrial Revolution.

The next few days were writing my poem and practicing. I don’t have footage of me presenting it but I have the written copy. Here is the final product.

Thank you for reading.

Introduce parent to teachers

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

This post is my mPOL, it’s stands for mid year presentation of learning. This presentation is about all my growth if made so far, my systems, habits, how I need to improve and much more.

The first subject I’ll be covering is science. Last year scimatics parted, this year we just have science. Science was the first class I had this year and we were greeted with our great new teacher Ms Kadi. Over my time in this course so far I feel that my strengths have Been in group work and creativity. In group work I am able to help out well and do my share of work. It’s also fun to create and build on each others ideas. I had 3 projects in science, at the time of writing this we have just launched our new project called exciting electricity. The project I liked most was essential elements. This project was all about learning about the elements and periodic table. We learned where to find the atomic number, and how to get the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Through this project I learned how to manage my time efficiently, I had to do worksheets on different models for elements, I worked with cam on these, that’s group work.

The next subject I’m talking about is maker. In this course I think I have shown strength in my communication and creativity. I had to communicate during the exhibition during setup and I had to communicate to the person I interviewed. We also had a project called vibrant videos, most of the keystones in this project were group videos I had to communicate and be creative. The main project I enjoyed in maker was called everyone has a story. This was our most recent project and was the project of the exhibition.

The theme of this project was avatar. We had watched avatar in class. We were told we had to make a video interviewing someone about a theme we were given. I was giving colonialism. I interviewed my dad because he had to deal with that in his past years.

Throughout this project managing my time was the most important thing. We had to plan and schedule interviews while brainstorming the rest of the videos. Somethings I have grown at in maker so far are, collaborating, critical thinking, also learning new things about my iPAD. We had to collaborate with people all ages while planning and putting together are room setup. An example of critical thinking is that I couldn’t find a person to interview for maker so i problem solved and choose my dad. I think I could get better at my time management because I struggled with it and it was a big part of the exhibition project.

The last class I’m talking about is humanities. This year the main strengths I’ve shown in humanities are group work, and communication. I worked in a group for are last project storm the barricades. I have also communicated by asking lots of questions through out all classes this year. My favourite project in humanities so far is the power of geography project. This project was all about the geography of the west in Canada. There was a trip to Alberta, I did not go but it sounded fun. During this project we learned about the five themes of geography. Location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and regions. We learned about are history, the CPR, Bison, and much more. After accumulating all this knowledge, we all made eBooks. The ebooks showed are knowledge of history and the five themes. I liked this project because the history of the land I live really interests me. Somethings I can get better at are questioning. Reaching out of my comfort and asking for help and feedback to help me improve my work all around. I think I have grown a lot at questioning but I still have lots to learn.
So far this year I feel like I have excelled at communicating and analyzing. This could be in group work, analyzing criteria, analyzing research, or communicating to my teachers. I still think I could get a lot better at questioning. I think this because if I question more I clarify everything I need to do and also I can ask the teachers for feedback, doing this can help boost my awareness and also make my work better. I put questioning and asking for help in my support section in my learning plan. I see it as an essential tool.

To sharpen my learning plan I can practice good habits and utilize systems. For example I can have systems on my iPad so I do not get distracted, I can also have systems like managing my time. Some habits would be, handing in work on time, asking for help, revising, and many more.

Thank you for listening.

Exciting Electricity

Hi everybody, welcome back to another blog post, today I am going to be speaking on my latest science project called exciting electricity. This project was learning about flow, current, and resistance. The final goal of this project as to make an operation board game.

The first thing we did was take notes from a visual presentation are teacher showed us. Then we used battery’s and alligator clips and attached them to a light bulb and then it lit up. We had successfully made a circuit.

Next we were mainly learning about a math equation called Ohms law. V is the symbol for voltage, I is the symbol for current and r is the symbol for resistance.

Next we moved on to a phet activity. In partners we tried playing with circuits on the simulation. We continued playing around with circuits in real life. Then we started brainstorming and came up with ideas for the theme of ours operation games.
Mine was a football boot, and a football. Right before this we did some practice with circuits and connecting it to tinfoil.

The next days I’m class were making our games, here’s how mine turned out.

I’m really proud of my box, and think I was good at constructing it and building circuits, somethings to get better at are, time management, handing in stuff on time, and working by myself. Thank you.

Suicide Cliff

This blog post is going to be on my latest project. During this project were wwere mainly focused on kinetic and potential energy. And to do this we made roller coasters. We had to explain where the most kinetic and potential energy is. This project taught me about the laws of energy.

At the start of this project we played around with a phet simulator. This taught how to see where the most kinetic energy is and where the most potential energy. Potential energy is at the top and the most kinetic energy is near the bottom.

We were put into groups. In these groups we were tasked with making a roller coaster that goes in a park at scream o Rama. We were judged on are presentation and also are coaster. Here is ours.

Thank you.

Nation X

Hi welcome back to my blog. Today I’m covering a simulation we did in humanities nine in our project storm barricades. This simulation was to see what life in a revolution would be like. And our country was called nation x. The hierarchy was royals, law, store owners, and peasants. I was a humble peasant during this revolution and this was my set of rules that I had to follow, no speaking to anyone except storeowners unless spoke too, pick up trash, listen to all commands, pay taxes, and write a 100 word summary at the end of each day. Without further a do let’s begin the story of nation x.

Day 1

We read the news, it basically just told us over and over again how good are king was. Next we were given a dollar each, the royalty and Law got so much money. The storeowners also got more money then us. Life was tough. During the day we worked on our 100 word recap of the day. We also elected our garbage collector. The garbage collector was given an extra dollar each day.

Day 2

All I wanted in this hurried country was a lemonade. I had 3 dollars but the lemonade prices were upped to 10 dollars due to food shortage, my dream fell out of reach. We were taxed 1 dollar a again like yesterday, now I was only down to 2 dollars. I hadn’t eaten at all and to make things worse, Dylan one of our own betrayed us and was promoted to become part of the law.
We kept writing our recaps. Hopefully this famine would be over by tomorrow.

Day 3

The famine continued and also sickness was spreading. The kingdom was mad especially the lower classes. And to make things worse I had gotten sick. Also news of nation y coming to invade had spread, could this be a good thing I asked myself. I got a temporary cure. Me and the peasants were tasked with making actual cures, easier said then done. But my old friend Dylan had bought a lemonade and sold it to me for a cheaper price. My ultimate goal came true. I became sick again. I quarantined and wrote my day recap.

Day 4 I was permanently cured and I joined nation y, I was given weapons and money and had convinced the storeowners to join me as well as my fellow peasants. I was starting a revolution. It was time to plan our attack. We attacked and killed all of the royals while they were talking to to some peasants. We had succeeded my I had died.

This project was really fun, and gave good perspective of what revolutions would be like.
Here’s some stuff from the simulation.

Thank you for reading.

Storm the barricades

Hi guys welcome back to another post, today we are going to be covering my latest humanities project called storm the barricades. This project was all about revolutions. There were 4 groups, Haitian, American, French, and Russian. I was in the French Revolution group.

The first thing we did was probably my favourite part of the project. We did a simulation for five days to test out what a revolution is like. We had peasants, royals, law, and store owners. The hierarchy was royals, law, store owners, and peasants. It was cool to see how poor leading by the royalty ended in famines, and revolution.

The next part of the project we looked at history and learned what the four stages of revolutions are, incubation, moderate stage, crisis stage, and recovery stage. It basically show what happens in a revolution. People are mistreated, that leads to protests that soon turn into violent march, they either succeed or lose, then they recover. Are first keystones was on this. We made 4 drawings to show the for stations. I choose a plane to show how it gets turbulence and crashes then people make a water landing and recover.

Next we had to do lots of notes because we were making a graphic organizer on our revolutions. Mine was on the French Revolution, I added a timeline and area with historical figures. To get all this info we had to use different sources for our research, we use videos, websites, timelines, and much more. To do this organizer we all had to take like 4 classes worth of notes. I’m really happy with mine here it is.

The next keystone was an affidavit. The affidavit was meant to prove how ineffective the French Revolution was. To get information for the affidavit we had to find out prime sources for example we had to prove Napoleonic code was sexist. We need a prime source we spent days looking for one, we eventually found a website that let us look up words in the search bar and then it would lead you to locations of the word. I know your thinking why not just read through it till you find some evidence, the Napoleonic code is around 3000 pigs long.The reason we were making this is because we were going on trial. Me and three other group members had to prove how ineffective the French Revolution was. To do this we had to make videos showcasing us on trial. We we questioned witnesses to prove are argument.

The trial was the fourth keystone, both sides of the argument had to make a video showcasing their opinions and their side of the trial. Her click here

In this project I think I showcased my communicating. Working on a group setting and acting can be difficult. But for me it was not. My group and I worked quite efficient. I think I analyzed the data that I was taking notes of and used it as an advantage for example I took lots of notes for my graphic organizer.

Thank you for reading

Everyone has a story

Hi everybody, welcome back to another blog post. In this post we are going to be looking back upon my most recent project for maker 9, everyone has a story. In this project the main goals were to make a five minute video with an interview. We also had to connect are interview to a theme in the movie avatar. My theme was colonialism. The main goal of grade 9 is to learn about movie making, and that’s what this first project was about. How to film with different shots and angles, and lots of other things about filming.

The project before this called vibrant videos taught me a lot about videos and really helped me execute my final video for this project.

We were sitting at were desks and out of nowhere are teacher told us to make a storyboard, and the. They Played the trailer for avatar 2. We storyboard it and found the exhibition was going to be avatar themed. The next few classes we spent storyboarding and taking notes while watching the first avatar movie for some context.

We kept learning about different shots and angles and eventually were put into different themes. I was put into colonialism. I had to make a video interviewing someone who had experienced colonialism first hand. Then I had to connect their experiences to the movie avatar. Then I thought who better then my own dad. My dad moved from Belfast northern Ireland when he was five years old. His family did this due to fighting and England colonizing Northern Ireland. There was lots off violence and that’s what brought his family to Canada.
I compared his experiences to avatar. Heres my final video. Click here

A couple days out from the exhibition we made viewing boxes for our iPads. People look in a little nook and it’s an overall better visual and sound experience.

I’m the day of the exhibition we put our room together. It was themed after the board game risk. The game is about colonialism. We had continents on the walls and risk board games and coloured lights all around the room. We also had drinks and food to match our rooms theme.

I’ve learned a lot from this project, I definitely learned a lot about setting goals and moviemaking from this project I also think I’ve showed these skills, communicating because I had to ask questions to my teachers fri confirmation, I also had to ask questions to my interviewee. I also analyzed data from my interview and connected it to avatar. I think demonstrated a nice accomplished understanding of this project. Finally, the driving question, “ how did James Cameron’s avatar reflect on our world today. I think our world is similar in the sense that we too colonize and take countries resources, we are the humans from the movies, are greed results in war. Thank you for reading.

Vibrant videos

Hi everybody welcome back to another post. Today we are going to be talking my time and what I’ve learned in my recent Maker project. This project was all about setting goals and making videos. During this project we made 4 videos all showing different shots, angles, affects and more. For our goal setting we had a goal tracker. This goal tracker is where we did lots of activities like, are virtues, our goal ladder, our list of things we enjoy and much more.

At the start of this project we did an activity called what do I enjoy. We just listed 5 things we enjoy. We got all of our activities from the book called what do you really want. Then came the very first video, what inspires me. For this video, we have to answer questions like what do I enjoy, what I don’t enjoy, or what brings meaning to my life. My video was two minutes long and has an image then me explaining my answer to the questions. Click here

The next thing we learned about and the most important to me was Smart goals. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reasonable and Timed. These words define what a goal should be. It should be something realistic, but something you have to work hard for. If your goals are to big or not specific for example, I want to get good at soccer, What do you want to get good at dribbling, shooting, and what are you going to do to achieve this goal.

The next video we had to make was all about different shots and angles. The video had to be 1-2 mins long, and had to be silent and have a music soundtrack. The story had to be about someone who had a goal, and achieved it. Click here

The next important activity we did was actually setting SMART goals. We made a goal Ladder. We practiced with drafts and revised them. The goal ladder is one main goal, with ten small goals that are like stepping stones to reaching the main goal.

The goal setting area of the project was my favourite because I got to set goals actual goals I have. I could still work on setting smarter goals. I really happy with my goal ladder.

In the middle of this project we had an exhibition for our other project Power of Geography. We made a video for the introduction of the exhibition. In this video we talked about the exhibition how we built knowledge, and other details. In this video we could have done some more angles, because it was mostly pictures of landscape and a voiceover. We reflected on this video in Maker because we learned how to make videos and and use different angles in this maker project. Click here

Nearing the end of the project we did storyboarding. We practiced storyboards and it was very helpful because the last thing we did before the project was the final video, we had to make a storyboard for this video. The video was about how to set a goal. Click here

Now every goal I set from now on will be smart. This project has taught me a lot, how to make videos and set goals. Goals are the only way to reach your dreams. And I set goals all the time now.

During this project I think I showed strength in asking questions, asking for help as well as clarifying assignments. I also think I showed strength in managing my time. Getting my homework done and not overworking and stressing myself.

The power of geography

Hi everyone, welcome back to my blog, todays post is going to be about my latest project, The Power of Geography. The goal of the project was to make a multi touch Ebook. You will se my book later on. Everyone in our class except six people went on a trip to Alberta. Me and the other six learners who stayed home books our different. The entire project is based on the western part of Canada.

The driving question for this project is “ How did the geography of the west snap who we are today”

My answer to that question is the economy. The industry’s like fishing, or mining all played a big part in the wests economy. The four main industries are Mining, forestry, fishing, and agriculture. The west is known for theses things, the salmon was a big food source for indigenous peoples, that got turned into a profitable industry. Without these industries we would not have a top notch economy. The Canadian pacific railway was the first major way to get a cross Canada, or ship goods, and ideas. Without the materials the west had to offer there would be know railway. That’s why the economy shaped the west.

One of the first things we did for this project was make notes on the fives themes of geography, location, place, human environment interaction, movement, and regions.

This helped me big time with connecting the themes to pages of my book. When everybody was away in Alberta we did an assignment about the geographical characteristics of Canada. Without this I would not be able to connect anything in my book. Probably one of my favourite things I did in my time for this project where taking notes on the history of the west hers a slide of notes.

The main competency for this project is questioning. I demonstrated mainly by asking loads of questions. There was one point when I was making my book and I had no clue how connect the economy to random images in the area or connect the 5 themes of geography to a random area in the north shore, to get out of this brain slump, I asked questions during lessons and I really interacted in lessons. I also answered a lot of questions in my book.

The time I was really stuck was when we were connecting our books to what made and makes the west. For example I didn’t know how to connect the economy to a picture of Myrtle park, but I learned that there wouldn’t be a park if there weren’t trees cut down to make, that’s forestry which is an industry of economy. I was able to solve this by questioning.

The outline for my book was, 8 reflections, 5 special activities, my comic on geography, driving question and answer, and an about the author page. I was able to finish everything. Then came the preparation for our exhibition. We did this thing called speed dating, I know you probably think that’s weird but it’s basically you have a limited amount of time to present something and then your partner gives you feedback. This feedback was very helpful for me because I revised my book reflections. 

Then came the exhibition. We were put into three groups. Diversity, history, and my group economy. We each had a room where we setup tables and decor. The exhibition was very fun I think we could have added more decor, and I personally could have tried to attract more people to my table.

I was part of the intro group. Our job was to introduce the exhibition, we did this by making a video. Our video had lots of cool images and some nice slides and visuals. The music was nice but I think we could have worked on our voiceover, to make it better quality. Also we could have used different angles for our picture. Here’s the intro video.

Here are some things I did well during this project, questioning, communicating asking for help, and managing my time.

Now what you’ve all been wanting for, here’s my book. Thank you for reading