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The power of a pencil ! -Carr

Hey there, and welcome back to another blog post! In this blog I will be talking about the project that we have been doing for the past few weeks in our maker class. In this class we were split into… Continue Reading →

Plates and Matter

Hey there, welcome to to my blog! During this past month we have been working on a project in scimatics called tectonic chances, we were put into partners and we had to work together to come up with a board… Continue Reading →

Becoming a PLP learner

Becoming a PLP learner Hey! Welcome to my blog, in this post I’m going to talk about how I became a PLP Learner and what I think that means. Being a PLP Learner means that you are part of a… Continue Reading →

Medium is the message

  My final ad   The driving question for this project was, “How does what we hear, read and see influence us?” This project was focussed on advertising and advertising is one of the biggest things that can influence us,… Continue Reading →

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