How does what we Hear, Read, See influence us?

I think what we hear, read, and see influences us greatly. It influences where we go what we wear and even what we eat. It took me a long time to really realize why this is so I’m going to tell you the story of how I figured this out. It really started on milestone one. This was the first time that I really realized how ads try to manipulate us with strategies. I really got a good look on the secrets and little details that all matter to make an ad perfect. 

The next time a I saw how an ad influence was in Milestone 3. In Milestone 3 I realized how people try to manipulate you through what society is like. For example the ad I did was a coke ad from the 1960s this ad was basically coke trying to make people believe it could help you loose weight. I saw how society in does days didn’t really know much about health. Coke ads now a days are more about equality since that’s what society is kind of like today.

After all of that I had a pretty good idea on how what we read, hear, and see influences us, but I still wasn’t hundred percent and was a bit confused on a few things. One of the things I was confused on was why people are so cautious when picking who is in there ad and why ads where so racist in the 1940s or 50s. Milestone five really helped me understand this. I was a little confused on what the Medium is the message meant but it suddenly clicked. He was trying to say that the medium sends a message. So if a person got someone who please the target audience then the ad would be successful because the medium is the message.

When the final draft came or milestone six I was ready and knew the driving question. I was ready to make an awesome ad.


Samuels Review On “The Medium Is The Message” Project


This project has been super fun and I’m so glad I was able to be part of it. So, I am going to give you  a review on everything that happened so far, all the way from the beginning. We started off with our first milestone: the “Welcome Home” Text Analysis. Here, we had our first look on the driving question “How does what we hear, read, and see influence us?”. We then moved on to our next milestone: “The Historical Media” Analysis. Here, we look at how different cultures throughout time affect how what we hear, read, and see influence us. The next milestone we did was: the “Historical Advertising” Analysis. This was the same as the one before, but it was an ad and we went into a lot more detail. Milestone 4 was our first team project as we made an ad for a local business of our choice. All of these milestones were here to help us create our Deep Cove business advertisement for “Bluhouse Market & Cafe“, which is basically an ad for the business that our North Group chose.


The launch phase is basically how we got started. The first thing we did was our need to knows. We needed these to start our project and get a good understanding of what we were gonna do later on in the project. Part of our launch was the Welcome Home Text Analysis. This gave us a good understanding on how to make an ad and how to analyze the target audience of an ad, and the different ways that ads try to persuade you. We had to analyze an Apple HomePod Mini ad about a girl dancing called “Welcome Home”.

Getting ready

To get ready for the Deep Cove advertising we had to explore a lot of different things, such as how to make good camera angles. Ms Willemse showed the importance of grids and other such camera techniques. We took notes on different ways to make our ad better and made a mini halloween skit with our North Group. We also looked at historical perspectives by picking an ad from a long time ago and comparing it to an ad that would have been used today. On this project I chose to do a tootsie pop commercial from the 1980s. I looked at this ad from a historical perspective and answered the five key questions of media literacy. Later on we had to do another historical perspective but this one was in much greater detail and we focused more on historical perspective.  On this project I chose a coke ad from the 1960s. We also looked at pathos ethos’s and logos. These are different techniques used to get a person on your side or to agree with you. We looked at some different techniques and appeals that can be used to persuade some one in a ad. We also read the gospel according to larry. This is a book about a kid named josh who gets famous by telling secret sermons under the name larry online. The book was super interesting and taught me a lot about how media works.

The AD

When the time had come to finally make my first individual ad I decided to go with a Christmas theme. My first individual ad wasn’t the best. I tried to redo it multiple times but it wasn’t really looking like an ad. When I got the feedback from my around they wanted me to change the ads colour. The also said that I should put the phone number at the bottom and so I did that. It still wasn’t really looking good though so I decided to take a different angle and talk about how the bluhouse had a new online delivery service. This ad turned out to be awesome. When it was time to make a group project we decide to use a picture Teva took and from that we made an entire ad that looks really good. We used some techniques and appeals some pathos ethos and logos and followed the design principles to make a really outstanding ad!


Now, that we are at the end of this advertising journey I wanted to say some of my favourite parts and what I think about the project. my favourite part of the project was definitely actually making the ad. I loved using Canva and creating an ad. I liked this because it was super fun creative and really taught me how to make an ad. My thoughts on this project so far is that its really fun so far. I think it was great Idea to incorporate the larry book into this and how we got to make an ad. I think that everyone did a great job on this project and that I hope to have something like this again.