Summative reflection

Answer to the driving question.

So for this post, I will be doing a summative post. The driving question in this project was, how does what we read, hear, see influence us? I think that this question could be answered in many different ways. When we read, hear, or see many different things happen, one thing that happens normally is that you may make an idea in your head and be influenced by whatever you saw. Let’s take for example if there is an article by a doctor saying that you don’t need to wear masks ( which is not true) when going into a shop because it does not stop COVID from spreading. You may change your way of thinking because he is a doctor and he knows what he is talking about. Now you don’t wear a mask and get a lot of hate for not caring about COVID and not being safe. I also think if you see something that you may feel a certain emotion and act out. Another example is from the herd theory which is somebody makes an ad and says all these people are doing this. It is normal for humans to follow the crowd and do what the crowd. I think the answer to this driving question is when you hear, see, read something your mind may change your opinion on the topic and make you act in different ways.

Evidence of my learning
In this project, there have been many things that I have learned from, and made many drafts. I have grown and made my drafts a whole lot better. One milestone that I think helped me learn about this project is milestone 1. This is because it was the starter for this project and set a tone for my work. It was also the one milestone that gave me a good idea of this project and how to read texts and reflect on texts. I think that the last milestone which is milestone 6 was our last draft of our ad. Just to see the work go from being boring and not very good to be professional was a great feeling and I learned a lot about advertising. I also think that it helped me because we worked as a team and took all our ads and took some details that they liked our ads and made it to a masterpiece. I also believe that one milestone that helped me and I did the best in was milestone 3. This is because I went into depth and taught me about ads and how they use different techniques to persuade us. They also have deeper meanings and use tones of media’s that we may not notice when looking at it. I also think that Launch helped me to do every step at its best and go into depth. It also made me stay on one topic and not go ahead. This made me learn all my things a lot easier. Our final draft was extremely informative and captive. We had the food falling out of the hand on the other hand this was symbolizing fast and easy delivery.

Curricular Competencies
On my milestones, I did well on my later milestones. I did well in the first and second milestone but I think that I learned about my mistakes in my earlier milestones. The first milestone I got a sun which is accomplished or a B to a B+. I think that I deserved that grade and most of the grades that I got. On milestone 4 and 6 I got rainbows which are A’s overall I think that my work improved gradually when I made more drafts and took more time.

User Manual

User Guide: Santiago

Brand: IOS 1.32 

Model: Santiago Vokoun, IOS 1.32

User Manual: Congratulations on your new position as a PLP student model Santiago IOS 1.32. Mostly referred to as Santiago, Santi does not call him San Diego because he may get mad. He comes with functions such as,

Product Guide

  1. Kind/considerate
  2. Smart /intelligent 
  3. Athletic
  4. A great friend
  5. Basketball lover
  6. Loves science 
  7. Decent sense of humour

Getting Started

Before you can access Santiago you must make sure he has had nothing he does not need really anything in the morning to survive except for food. When going up to him you can just go and say hi but if you do know him he loves the catchphrase “. You know what I saying” from the movie were the millers. He will most likely not ignore you since he is nice and not rude to those who are willing to give up their time to talk to him. Also you can call him Santi, Santiago, Santuba which is my nickname which means sandwich in Portuguese. 


If you are looking to find him at lunch, always go to the donut place by set cove if not he may be with his friends by the park. After school if you try to get a hold of him do not call him any later than 10 pm or else he may spam words to you on messages. If trying to get a hold of him during class just say something and he will respond. Santiago liked Instagram and had insta but after watching the social dilemma he has deleted his account. But if you want to shoot him a text just text 778 847 7944 or text He will sometimes reply super fast or it may take him a while so just resend it if necessary.


Santiago 4 has 3 settings: student, friend, and chill guy. These all can be dangerous but also can be good. Another mode could be the try to be funny guy. I don’t know if I am funny but I guess it is what it is. 

Setting 1 student 

Do not bother him while he is doing homework because he is so focused on it that not until he is done he will talk to you.

If you do bother him during work he may get mad or he will nothing else. ( just don’t do it) He also likes to do this with most things he will zone in into one thing and if you don’t let him do the work he may get mad. Not always will he but just be cautious about it. 

Setting 2: friend


If you are his friend or not he is very kind and will cherish your friendship and invest time and effort into it.

He also sometimes tries to be funny. He is kind of but not really.

If you do ask him to a competition he will go full sweat and will not stop. But other wise he is a person you can call or he will call you when you are sad and stay with you as a friend for a awhile if you put time in your friendship.

Setting 3: Chill/ Cool guy

Santiago is a chill guy and when comfortable he will be hard to move.

He is only chill when he is not called names or else he will take offence and go into competitive mode .He likes to snuggle with his doggo which is named Lola. Lola is actually a very weird mix of a German Shepherd, border Collie  and a chihuahua. Yes you heard me right those three dogs together like wow, FYI she looks like a seal with fur.



  • He will get mad if you insult him 
  • He will get grumpy if bothered from reading or sleeping which you guys don’t need to know but why not.
  • Try to be funny but may embarrass himself
  • He may embarrass you in front of people.


  • Mean comments 
  • When you call him San Diego
  • When you beat him in a game.
  • When he is in chill mode and you make him get out of it. 

trouble shooting 


Problem Solution:
 If in chill mode he will just chill and he may get out most likely he will but it is 50/50.  tell him there is a cute German shepherd puppy outside and he will sprint to it. 
 If he is in dog lover mode he will just play and pet the dog for a while.  There is no solution so just hope the dog is not there for to long.

Tips and tricks 

When he is in a bad mood you can cheer him by complementing him or maybe giving him food because he loves food. He also loves to play basketball with people because it is fun for him. He also loves donuts so if you have the chance to get him one why not do it.

So this is the guide to being a good friend to him.

Bonus!!!! Chill dude with my doggo Lola.


About me

Hello my name I Santiago I am a student in grade 8. I was born on April.5,2007. My dad is from Czech and my mom is from Mexico. I love basketball, rap, Call of Duty, and many more sports. I have always wanted to become a professional Basketball player and play in the NBA. The type of rap I listen too is Eminem, snoop Dogg, NLE Choppa, DaBaby, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Polo g, Lil tjay, J. Cole and many more. I also love to rap. I also listen to old 90s,80s and 70s hits.

Yooooo what’s good world!

What’s up my comrades. I hope everybody is well, this my first post ever so I am going the keep this short. The quintessential of this is just to say hi to whoever looks at my blog. Thanks for listening in and hope you have a great day.