Teva’s Journey Through The Forest Of Learning

🌲A Big Leap.🌲

🌲 I’ve been terrified lately because this next Grade 10 school year will be pretty crazy for me. I’m about to embark on an adventure that definitely requires a lot of bravery, and I’m extremely excited.🌲

🌲Snazzy Jars = Time = Money🌲

🌲How can we Predict our Finances for the Future?🌲

🌲PLP spring exhibition 2022!🌲

🌲How Do We Learn ?🌲

🌲 Teva’s Transitional Presentation of Learning (PLP 9, 2022)🌲

🌲 Why do you Feel you are Ready to Advance to the Next Grade Level?🌲

🌲Finding my Place🌲

🌲How Can I Engage and Entertain an Audience Using my Video and Storytelling Skills?🌲

🌲Let’s Build Mitosis and Meiosis!🌲

 🌲How is the reproduction of cells essential to the survival of organisms?🌲

🌲Improving My Movie Making Abilities🌲

🌲Hello and welcome back to the forest of learning! In this post, I will be summarizing my learning from our most recent and shortest project in Maker 9, “Vibrant Video”. In this project, we learned about the history of film,… Continue Reading →

🌲Becoming an Effective Person?🌲

🌲How Can I be my Most Effective self?

🌲The (Not Very) Great War – But Make it a Comic🌲

🌲How might we use graphic novels to understand Canada’s involvement in WW1?🌲

🌲Making a Metaphorically Scientifically Electrically Awesome Rube-Goldberg Machine🌲

🌲How can we Represent the Scientific Method?🌲  🌲What Factors Affect the Function and Efficiency of Electric Circuits?🌲 

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