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the ia documentary and exhibition post/the ultimate post/final maker and humanities post of grade 9

Just watched a documentary about beavers. Best dam show I’ve ever seen. Where to start. This blog post is about two of the biggest projects that i’ve done all year. Also two of my favourites, Two of the longest, and… Continue Reading →

TPOL 2022

Well now it’s the end of my grade 9 year and I have a lot to show for it. Not only at school but also in sports, social life and collections. However this post will be focusing on the school… Continue Reading →

How to make a baby

I told a mitosis joke in school once, I thought it was hilarious, but the class was divided. This project we just finished was called meiosis models, and we started it off in a weird way to say the least…. Continue Reading →

Film making is the bomb 💣

My dad asked me, “What’s your favourite Pixar film?” I said, “Up. Yours?” Dad: Wow, that’s extremely rude! This project we just finished was called “vibrant video”. I’m just going to say that it has definitely been on of, if… Continue Reading →

World War One comicly told

My Grandfather once told me about how he fought bravely in World War One, so I asked him how many years he served for the U.S. He replied “Nein.” This past project was about World War One and everything that… Continue Reading →

7 habits of some people

For this past part of the maker class we’ve been doing something called PGP. Or more specifically “believe in good”. The main focus of this project was the book by Sean Covey the 7 habits of an effective teen. Everything… Continue Reading →

Rude sliverperson board

Did you hear what the foolish gardener did? The guy planted a light bulb and though he’d get a power plant. The project we just finished was called “Metaphor Machines” and we learned about many things. But the main focus… Continue Reading →

DI Is Alright

  DI otherwise known as Destination Imagination is a global project. Many schools participate in each year including mine. Each year Destination Imagination is pretty similar besides last year because of Covid. It involves a group of 5-9 people who… Continue Reading →

Another Project about Quebec History?!?

I baked a cake shaped like Canada, and offered my brother the Quebec slice, but he’s having Nunavut. The project that we just finished was called “A Case For A Nation”. We spoke about a lot of different things in… Continue Reading →

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