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My User Manual Project & Reflection

CLICK HERE to read My User Manual

My User Manual is the first ever project I have done in PLP. This will also be my first post, of hopefully many, about a project I have done. For this post I am going to break it up into multiple parts so that you can navigate and ready it a lot easier.

What Was This Project?

For the first section of this post I thought I would explain what we were doing for this project. The driving question behind this project was “How Do I CREATIVELY Communicate Who I Am.” The goal was to answer this driving question.

What Did This Project Include?

Part of this project was making a Memoji laptop sticker. For this I used keynote on my iPad along with some other apps. For the Memoji laptop part our goal was to make a Memoji of yourself with a laptop that had a bunch of stickers that had some meaning to you.

This is my laptop with all of the stickers on it. These stickers all have some meaning behind them. For example I put a sticker for Blender. It included the Blender logo and the default cube from Blender. These Memoji laptops went through some peer critique and then after that some revision until we got the final result. I found that the critique was very helpful in getting my final result as I think this looks much better than my original laptop. These Memoji’s would later go on our user manuals.

The second part was making the user manual. The user manual was meant to be a like a guide that you could show to someone if they were meeting you for the first time. They were done in a way that makes it seem like you were a robot and this manual was an introduction to you software. You included things like personal preferences, warnings, ways to troubleshoot when there is an issue and stuff like that. The manuals also went through a round of peer critique and then some revision before we got to the final part of presenting our manual to some classmates.

The during the present and reflect phase of the project we had to present our users manual to some classmates. We only presented them in groups of three so there were only two other people there. This part was actually quite challenging. Not because I find it difficult to present but because the manuals were not written in a way to be presented. It did give a nice challenge and I feel that I gave a really good presentation.

If you would like to read the manual you can find the link at the top of the page or Click Here

What Did I Learn?

I thought that I should reflect some of the stuff that I learned throughout this project. I think the big one that I should mention is that I learned how a project works in PLP. As the is the first project that I have done in the PLP program I learned a lot about the project path and what the different stages are to a project and what they include. Those stages being the Launch phase, the Building Knowledge phase, the Develop and Critique phase, and then finally the Present and Reflect phase. It was really interesting to see how all the stages played an important role in the project and how much I learned through each stage.

On more of the software side of things I learned about so many great apps and some great features in apps I already knew. It was really interesting to see all the different ways keynote can be utilized for graphic design, especially as someone who works with a lot of apps for graphic design on desktop. I also learned a lot of great ways that you can make your documents look really nice using different formatting tools in pages as well as using those tools to divide up you document and organize it.

Final Thoughts

So did we answer that driving question? I think we did. We learned how to creatively communicate who we are. We used the user manual and Memoji to show who were were in a creative way. Through the Memoji we showed our interests and hobbies and overall things that are important to us in a visual way and also in quite a CREATIVE way. Through the user manual we showed who we are and told a bit about our selves in, what I think, was a creative way. Introducing ourselves as if we were a new piece of tech that you have just bought and you are now needing to learn about us. 

So yes. Yes, I think we did answer that driving question.

Thanks for reading this post and I can’t wait to see what the future of my time in PLP will hold.

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  1. Ms. Willemse

    This is a great post, Aaron. I enjoyed your reflection and how well you describe what you accomplished!

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