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The Medium Is The Message Final Project Refection!!!

We have just finished our latest project in PLP called The Medium Is The Message. This is going to be my summative post about the project. I would also suggest checking out my other post about this project HERE.

What Was This Project❓

The driving question for this project was ‘How does what we here, read, and see influence us’. This post is a summative post about how we answered that driving question and what that included. 

What Did This Project Include 🗂

For us to answer the driving question we made advertisements for real businesses in deep cove. My group chose Zücker as our business. To create this advertisement and understand that driving question we learned about a lot of different things. I want to focus on a few key parts that helped me to answer that question. We learned about the media triangle which taught us about the parts that create media. The media triangle included three parts text, production, and audience. The idea is that these are the parts that make up media. This was just one part of the what is media section of building knowledge but it did build up to milestone two where we had to demonstrate the competency comprehending text.

One of the big things that helped me to understand the driving question was this text that we read about Marshall McLuhan called McLuhan for Beginners. The writing talks about McLuhan and all his theories around how media works. This was my favourite part of the project and the one that I found the most interesting. We used notability to annotate the writing and understand it to our best. This contributed to milestone five where we once again had to show the competency comprehending text.


While we were doing all of this we were making advertisements for the business I mention at the begging of this section. I am not going to go into too much about it because I talked about it in my other post about this project which you can find HERE. In short though we used all of the strategies about media that we learned, as well as combining each individual draft done by each group member, to make a final group version of our advertisement which we gave to the business that we chose.

Here is the final advertisement that we made as a group

Final Thoughts 🧠

So after all of that did we answer that driving question? I think that we did. We learned about how what we hear, read, and see influences us. By creating our own ads and learning about things like McLuhan and the media triangle we learned about how advertisers are constantly trying to influence and change how we act in order for a business or person to benefit. While that sounds bad they are not always changing our behaviour for the negative. Sometimes they are changing how we behave so that we are more green and are helping to fight climate change or trying to educate people on how to stay safe during COVID-19 for example. It is important to know these things so that you can at least be more aware of where your actions and beliefs are coming from and if you are being manipulated in a negative way.

Thank you for reading another one of my blog posts! I hope that you liked the review and found it at least a little bit interesting 😜. If you are interested I would suggest reading my other project review post about the My User Manual project HERE.

Links 🔗

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  1. Emily Maxwell

    Wow! You explain this project really well Aaron and use awesome text features to take your audience through your learning journey. Great final ad and external links to show your learning!

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