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Fun With Photos! | Blogging Challenge Day 4

Challenge Time❗

Welcome to another day of the student blogging challenge! Today our challenge as about copyright and fair use. But don’t click off yet, that’s not what this post is actually about. For this challenge our task is to add an image to a blog post and write about how it relates to our worldview!

Before I move on though you are going to need to know what the definition of worldview is, or at least what one I’m working with. Below I have pasted the definition I’m working with.

Worldview (noun): a collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or group; the lens through which the world is viewed by an individual or group; the overall perspective from which the world is interpreted.


The Activity🚴‍♀️

For the fun with photos activity I have chosen to use a render that I created. This render was created using Blender, which I have talked about before on my blog.

This render was created using a combination of custom models as well as a couple of downloaded models. Using downloaded models is always a great way to add a little bit to your render without having to spend to much time on modelling things that aren’t that important.

Here are some sites I use to find 3D models:

I also used some downloaded textures from CC0 Textures.

This image represents the time aspect of my worldview. This is because I obviously put a lot of time into this render and it shows that I see a value in deepening my knowledge and understanding in this area. Learning things like these have opened up lots of opportunities for me, that’s why I think that it is an area worth learning about and putting the time into.

Thanks for reading! There is lots more to come from the blogging challenge 2021. If you are interested check out my last post from the blogging challenge on How I Learn New Software!

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