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How It Started/How It’s Going | A Summative Blog Post By Aaron

Welcome to another summative blog post! We have completed yet another project in PLP which means it’s time to write a blog post. This project was called How it started/How it’s going and it was quite interesting. Keep reading to hear about this project!

What Was This Project ❓

Our latest projects driving question was “What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today?”. If you didn’t know, in PLP each project has a driving question which we try to answer throughout the project. In this post I will take you through the project and show you how we answered this question.

Some Things We Did 📝

This project was full of fun milestones and activities. I have learned a lot through this project and have really enjoyed things like learning about medieval and Renaissance times. One of the things I liked most about learning about medieval and Renaissance times was that we got to do some note taking. Note taking is something that I really enjoy and have put a lot of time into learning out side of school so it was fun to get to put that skill to use. I have been thinking about doing a post about note taking for some time so let me know if you would be interested in that in the comments of this post. For these notes we used a method called Cornell notes. Look below to see mine (WARNING there are quite a lot of notes).

*Hint: Click the photo to see my notes

On this project I also got the chance to use Blender which I always enjoy. I used Blender for milestone one to create a little cg museum walk through of some renders. For milestone one we created how it started/how it’s going memes that showed use in September up to then. I chose to show my progress in Blender by showing a render from September and a render from now. I also decided to line the walls with other renders I had done. You can watch the video below!


The end goal of this project was to create a museum that displayed all of the art from our class using the how it started/how it’s going meme idea to represent how aspects of our worldview have changed overtime. The aspect I was assigned was knowledge. I chose to show how the passing down of knowledge is an essential part in human innovation. You can see my final meme and statement below or on artsteps where the museum is being held.

*Hint: Click the photo to see the artist statement

An Area I Struggled 😬

In the past I haven’t really done a section about what I struggled with in my blog posts but for this project I thought I should talk about the thing that I really did struggle with the most.

I struggled the most with milestone three. This was an in class test where we had to do some writing about historical events and such. I found this to be quite difficult despite having plenty of knowledge and notes and information available to me during the test. After doing the test I thought about why I didn’t think I had done a good job with the writing and I boiled it down to three things.

1. I didn’t have a plan for the writing

2. I didn’t choose a specific topic or aspect to talk about

3. I worried to much about the time and in doing so waisted a lot of it

I do however feel that the test was a success for me as I now know what things I need to improve on for the next time I need to write a test like this. At the end of the day as long as I have learned from the experience it was worth it.

Final Thoughts 🧠

So did we answer that driving question “What can we learn from the past, and why does that matter to us today?” . I believe we did, and let me explain why. We learned about past events and perspectives from the medieval and Renaissance times and we were able to put that into place in our modern society and see similarities and differences in our views now.

Thank you for reading another blog post from me. I really did enjoy writing this one and hope you enjoyed reading it. If you would like to read more from me I would suggest my post about “How I Learn New Software” from the student blogging challenge.