(Above will be explained in final paragraph) PGP has been a class we’ve done throughout the school year outside of school hours. It was interesting is what I can say, and although at first I thought it was useless, I actually took away a lot from the different readings and activities we did. Time management and having a plan for the future were the main things tonight in PGP and I learnt how to do time blocking and many more things. I really liked the book 7 habits for highly effective teens because it was geared towards people our age and this made it more enjoyable and relatable when reading. In the seven habits the biggest thing for me was your personal bank account and your relationship bank account. The RBA is your relationship with others and how you act towards them. I know the phrase ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ is thrown around way to often, but it does have a great message to exactly what the RBA is. If you do a good deed for a person, big or small, you get a deposit to your bank account. This is a good way to think of it because you always want to have money in your bank account. You can do small deeds like holding the door open and you receive a smaller deposit, while bigger things receive bigger deposits. It’s like a game against yourself to be the best version of you. Your PBA is the same, but a battle to be good to yourself and not beat yourself up. Life is tough and it’s not gonna get any easier if you whine about it or beat yourself up. If you do something wrong fix it. When you do something wrong you need a withdrawal. This is like a loan so you can get the money back by being good to yourself again.

The next part of PGP I’m going to be talking about has more to do with goal setting. What do you really want was a book we read at the start of the year and as the title shows it’s all about your future and setting goals. Apart from time blocking the biggest thing I learnt from this book is to know what your end goal is, but more importantly know the steps you need to take to realistically achieve your goal. We did many exercises thinking of our goals as a ladder. You can’t just jump onto the roof, you first need to use each step of the ladder to climb yourself up to your goal. I found this very impactful and I still think back to it when I have goals, short term or long term. One of my goals this year was to get better at editing photos and just to be creative with it and I think that using the stepping stone I have achieved my goal.

Whats this weird song I listened to at the start of this post? Oh that! That song is a part of my final project in PGP. I chose to focus more on the relationship and personal bank account of PGP. The goal is to show my past self this song to get them inspired and wanting to know more about PGP. If time travel were a thing outside of movies I think I would want to know more about PGP after that! I used the background from 21 Savage – Bank Account and tried to go as close to the rhythm as possible. Of course I’m not a great singer and I don’t know how to use auto tune, but I get the message across and I think I do it quite well. Anyways I hope you learnt a little bit about what we have been doing in PGP throughout this year and I encourage you to get some books and learn about goal setting and time management.


Until next time… Aedan Loughran