ya I didn’t clone a gnome. I know it’s sad, but I don’t even have a gnome. Although I would like to get a gnome, and maybe then I could clone it. Gnomes are cool, but that’s IRRELEVANT!?,,..!!”?!@&#&-(. Anyways throughout this project we learnt all about asexual reproduction which has the DNA clone itself rather than DNA from two specimens like humans do with sexual reproduction. The biggest advantage of sexual reproduction is the fact that there is so much variety so that there is a bigger chance of different variations surviving. If humans did asexual reproductions everyone would be the same so if it was super easy for one person to get cancer everyone would and there would be a high risk of extinction. Below is my project end mind map and start mind map. First is my start, and then my end.

Now for some curricular competencies that I have grown in as a learning. Make observations aimed at identifying their own questions, including increasingly complex ones, about the natural world is the first and I feel I have improved this greatly. I made observations and learnt lots of knew things while making my clone with Amelia and it was all based on my questions in my start mind map. Another curricular competency I feel I improved was Use knowledge of scientific concepts to draw conclusions that are consistent with evidence. I used this to take what I learnt in this project to make the slides and find mitosis in the cells of our plant. Anyways I hope you liked this post.


Until next time… Aedan Loughran