Job Shadow: 2018

Planning 10 is a huge subject. Its about teaching young students the steps to take to adulthood and careers they may be interested in for the future. So far in planning, we have already learnt about the use of money and income, job safety, and much more. The class has had guest speakers come in […]

Math into Power

Grade ten is now coming to a close, and one of our largest units yet has ended. This last project we have done has integrated both math and science units. In math, we learned about linear equations and how they can be used to predict the future. In science, we learned about different types of […]

Destination Imagination: Take 3

If you’ve visited my blog before, you would have seen multiple posts on this tournament called Destination Imagination, an organization aiming to see what kids can imagine and create performances and compete against each other on a global scale. Within Destination Imagination, or “DI”, there are many different challenges that teams choose to compete in, […]

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