Discovery Imagination

Destination Imagination is a competition of sorts. ( I know I said Discovery Imagination in the title, my friend started to call Destination Imagination that a week before the tournament.) There are five challenges in Destination Imagination, Structural, Technical, Fine arts, Improv and Scientific. I was apart of the structural challenge team. We had to design an instrument that could hold a heavy weight and weigh at a maximum of 175 grams. It might seem impossible to some but not to my group or so it seemed. I will start out by first telling you about our idea and some other things that were needed in our tournament performance. So as a group we decided that we should make a tic toc block and one of our group members started to work on it. Now there were other things we had to do. Two were to team choice elements. Team Choice elements are two things that show your teams interests and skills. We had to incorporate these two elements into our presentation. Our two team choice elements were a football play and uniforms


and our second was a music composition. After we decided on those two things we started to work on our story. We went with a university band setting where a student named Arnold has a strange instrument and the band director doesn’t let Arnold play at concerts because of his strange instrument. We then created a storyline to incorporate the football play and the music composition.

Now for the actually tournament. My team arrived there and went to check in our instrument, well let’s just say I was so stressed I was sweating like crazy. Anyways our instrument was supposed to be under 175 grams but it was apparently 221 grams. We were told when we weighed it at our school that it was 21 grams. So we frantically went to find tools to cut our instrument in half. Thanks to my dad I found a saw and started to saw away at it.


We then also found a dremel and used that to break through a layer of wood. Then when we weighed it, it was 108 grams. Then we still had to present. That went well until it came to weight testing. Our instrument was leaning against the safety pole so it was lopsided but I still tryed to make it work. Despite all of my efforts our instrument was unable to hold any weight due to this lopsidedness.image

All in all we did a pretty good job at the tournament.

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