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Hi it’s Alex and welcome back to my blog! This week is week 5 of the Student Blogging Challenge where we are talking about Music! For this week we had several choices of prompts of what we could do for… Continue Reading →

“Run’ For Your Life! | Running A Remake, A Maker Project

Hi and welcome back to my blog, today I am talking about a project that I just recently finished in my Maker class. In this project we were assigned to recreate a short horror film called Run. To recreate this… Continue Reading →

Warning, Eating Chicken Makes You Go To The Moon | A Scimatics Project

Hi, it’s Alex. Aaaaannndd…welcome back to another blog post. You may be very concerned or weirded out by the title of this post, and wondering what type of project did I even do? Well, sadly, this project actually isn’t about… Continue Reading →

SBC-Week 4

Hello! And welcome back to my blog! This week, we can talk about whatever we want. Last year, for our free choice, I talked about my soccer story (click here to see it) but, this year I had trouble coming… Continue Reading →

SBC-Week 3

Hello all and welcome to another blog post! This week, we are talking about images; how do we use them? Can’t we just use them on google and take credit for them? No, of course not! Those images belong to… Continue Reading →

Alberta Trip Reflection

Hi guys! It’s Alex! Back with another blog post! This post, I am reflecting on our trip to Alberta for our PGP course. The driving question for this post is: “How did you persist and manage your impulsivity on this… Continue Reading →

SBC-Week 2

Hi it’s Alex, back with another blog post. This week, we did week 2 for the Student Blogging Challenge. The first task we had this week was to create some form of commenting guidelines, click here to see mine from… Continue Reading →

SBC-Week 1

Hi my name is Alex and it is my second year of doing the Student Blogging Challenge! My avatar is the same as it was last year, it looks like this:   I am super looking forward to do the… Continue Reading →

Albertans & Identity – This Land Is Us Project Reflection

Hi! It’s Alex and welcome back to my blog! This project’s driving question was “How Does Place Impact Who We Are?” And, to answer this question, we went through this whole project and went to do a nine day trip… Continue Reading →

Game Of Exponent Laws Project Reflection

      Hi! It’s Alex, back with another Fergalicious post for you to enjoy! It’s been quite a while but we are back from summer break and ready to do another project reflection! So, let’s get right on to… Continue Reading →

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