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Week 7: Your Choice!

Hello, and welcome back or if you are new, welcome to my blog!

For this week’s challenge, it’s catching up week and/or we can write about whatever we want! So, I decided to talk about my very favourite sport, drum role please…….Soccer! I have been playing this sport for 9 years now, and it takes out a big part of my life. I now dedicate 5 days out of my week to soccer. 

For my first 7 years of playing soccer, I was on a team called the Jungle Cats, had lots of fun there, made lots of friends and my coach taught and helped me through a lot. Now, for my second year, I am playing with a selects soccer team called the Fury. 

At the end of grade 5, it was the year to try out for selects which is a higher level of soccer. They had two levels: gold 2 and gold 1. I was looking forward to trying out but, this was the one year where I actually started to take soccer a little more seriously. 

Once, I found out that I hadn’t made selects that year, I was pretty devastated. It made me sad, that’s certainly no surprise! I took this as a learning experience which meant that next season, I would have the chance to try better and possibly make it the next year! My dad kept telling me: “if at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, again”. 

Grade 6, was where I really shinned, I scored about 20 goals that season, even with about 8 games canceled due to icy roads and snow covered fields. I got called up to a gold 2 team named the Bandits and played a few soccer games with them. 

At the end of that season was the second chance to try out for selects soccer. This time, they added silver and metro levels. The order goes like this: silver, gold 2, gold 1 and metro as the highest level. The tryouts lasted for about a week. 


A couple weeks later, I found out that I had made silver for that season! I was very happy and excited to play in a higher level. When I met my team mates, they were all super nice and friendly which made me super excited to play along side them during games. We called ourselves, the Fury. 

That year (grade 7), we won two tournaments in total, winning gold in the coastal cup against our arch nemesis, Squamish. Even though I only scored 2 goals, that year. 

This year, my team moved up to gold 2, since we won our division. Even now, we are better than the two gold 1 teams and also won a div 1 tournament, bc soccer has decided to not move us up. We also have not had any loses yet. I am so glad to be on this team and have scored 4 goals this season so far!

Thank you so much and I will see you in my next blog post! 


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