Hello all and welcome to another blog post! This week, we are talking about images; how do we use them? Can’t we just use them on google and take credit for them? No, of course not! Those images belong to people and you could get in some serious trouble for using them. The protection against the people’s images is called “copyright”, this is the same for videos, music and more! Although, this doesn’t make all images copyrighted, you can easily find some non copyrighted images on websites such as, openclipart.org, pixels.com or pixabay.com. If you need an image, you can also make your own, purchase an image, use google images (but be careful, because most are copyrighted) or you can use Creative Commons images. 

Task 1:

Our first task was to create something that would educate others about using the right images. Here is mine:

Task 2:

Next we had to create or take a photo. This photo was from when I went to Italy last summer.


Task 3:

Next we had to create task cards, here are some of my favourite things.

Task 4:

For our last task, we did picture prompts. Try to guess the sentence by these images. If you think you know what it is, please comment bellow.

See you in my next blog post!