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SBC-Week 4

Hello! And welcome back to my blog! This week, we can talk about whatever we want. Last year, for our free choice, I talked about my soccer story (click here to see it) but, this year I had trouble coming up with what to talk about. Eventually, decided that I wanted to talk about traveling. 

I love travelling and am very fortunate to have traveled a lot. My most recent trip that I did was in July to Italy so, in this post I’m going to talk about where I went there. This summer, after the trip, I started on making a film that summarized what I did in Italy. 

Day 1 & 2: 

Day 3:

Day 4: 


Day 5:

To make it more clear, my dad was doing a 7 day bike race where we met up with him in Riva Del Guarda. He just finished it then with his partner, Neil.

Day 6:

Day 7:

Day 8:

Day 9:

Now, that’s all the videos that I completed during the summer.

This day, we arrived in Volterra and put our stuff in our super cool hotel to go visit San Gimignano, a beautiful place not too far away from Volterra. We went on top of some towers that they used for war while they were fighting San Gimignano and saw a nice duomo. Then, we went back to Volterra and had an amazing dinner. And since it was July 4th that day, there were some Americans playing some loud music outside. The place we were staying at also had a super cool cafe on the roof where we hung out at after dinner.

Day 10:

I actually didn’t have many photos from this day because it was mostly all driving. We left Volterra and drove to Sienna. The place that we were staying at was beautiful and even had a pool.


Day 11:

This day, we went to another beautiful duomo in Sienna and explored some other educational buildings. We also had dinner at this super cool restaurant that was on the street curb.

Day 12:

This day, I also didn’t have very many photos of this day either. But, this day, my family and I went to drive to San Marino to meet up with my soccer team to do a super cool tournament called the San Marino Cup, with soccer teams from all around the world!

Day 13:

This day, we had our first game vs an Italian team! We ended up winning and I actually got a hat-trick! We also got the chance to go around and buy some stuff at a sort of outdoor mall with lots of cool little stores. That night, we had the opening ceremony, it held place at a stadium and they called up each country one by one in alphabetical order. We were actually the only people to represent canada. Our coach bought canada shirts, hats, tattoos and even beach balls so that when they finished the ceremony, we threw the balls up in the air and the other teams were playing with them. We also met a soccer team from Bulgaria of 8, 9 and 10 year olds who were super friendly.


Day 14:

Today we had two games, one vs another Italy team and another vs a USA team. We tied one and lost the other by one point. So this was a busy day so I only have a few pictures as well. 

Day 15:

Today we had a game in the morning then we went to a special restaurant that taught how to make a special San Marino bread. Next we went back to that shopping place then we went back to our hotel.

Day 16:

Today we had a soccer game against a team from Ireland and sadly lost. Next, we had lunch at a super cool restaurant and then went to the beach.

Day 17:

This day, we had a “disco” with all of the teams invited to go dance while the parents had a wine tour.

I sadly did not have any pictures of this day either.

Day 18:

For our last day in Italy(for most of us), we went to a huge water park called Aquafan. It had all sorts of slides and stuff and was super fun!



See you in my next blog post! Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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