Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I am talking about a recent project that we had just done in our maker class. In this assignment, we documented a live event and used our editing skills to create an amazing video.

The first step in this project was to plan out what type of shots I wanted, we call this, an action plan.

Next we actually filmed our video. As you can see, I chose to do one of my soccer games. My team is a Div 1 team, which is a select team. In ranking, first there is house (div 3) as the lowest level, then there is silver/gold 2 (div 2) and gold 1 (div 1) and then after that there is metro and HPL which is the highest level. My team was going to be playing one of our rivalries called Avalanche. They are in our division and play for the same organisation as us. The thing is, they were the original gold 1 team and we moved up (from gold 2) last year. This year, they have been participating in metro-level tournaments, making them, really, really good.

Here is how my video turned out! (By the way, I’m number 7)

I am pretty happy with how this video turned out, I had some great videos, angles and shots. This video pretty much turned out how I wanted it to be. Although, the audio and lighting in the interview wasn’t the best, but still great. My team and I all worked really hard this game and had a great game so, I’m glad I got this one on video. Hope you liked it! See you in my next blog post!