Hi y’all and welcome back to another blog post, and yes I am still coming up with a mega awesome intro saying other than “y’all” and when it comes, it will be mega awesome so, prepare yourself.

Today I will be reflecting on one of my favourite projects that we have done this year called “Straight Flowin’ / While I’m Scrollin’”, you know why? Because we made TikToks! Now you may be wondering why we would be making TikToks for a project in this special program that we are in. Well, we are not just making TikToks, we are learning about significance, cause, consequences, nationalism and memes. Our final TikToks have to be about what we learned about those subjects. So let’s get into it!

1. Need To Knows

We usually have a different system for the first part of our projects but we tried something new and this is how it turned out:

I think that this activity was great to break down the different parts that we studied in this project and to clarify and make them more understandable. 

2. Examine Significance

For our next milestone, we answered questions about a page from a textbook that we read about significance. Here they are:

I thought that this activity was a great opportunity for my writing and to learn more about significance.   

3. Meme Of The Moment

In this milestone, we created TikToks. One of them had to be a dance, one using special effects and the other one using a current meme.

Click here to see my reflection on this activity. 

4. Assess Consequence

Similar to our second milestone, we did the same thing but with consequence. 

This activity was fun and also another opportunity for me to improve my writing. 

5. Final TikToks

 To continue our amazing TikTok journey in the project “Straight Flowin’ / While I’m Scrollin’”, we have made more tiktoks, but this time, really have to do with our driving question: “How can we use current memes to comment on the significance and consequences of nationalism around the world?”. We have been learning lots about nationalism and learning some things about history such as the colonization of Africa and Queen Ana De Sousa Nizga. So, in my tik toks I used my knowledge of nationalism and the other different subjects that we learned about in my tik toks that I created. 

TikTok #1 – 

This TikTok is of when we learned about nationalism for women. Queen Nizga, an African queen who’s kingdom was being overrun by the Portuguese. Because knew that her army was not powerful enough to win, she converted to Christianity, got baptized and changed her name to Ana De Sousa to form an alliance with the Portuguese and earn their trust to form a sort of truce. 

I used the effects called Time Warp and Infinity Clones to make my TikTok. The sound was also called Crystal Dolphin. 

TikTok #2- 

This TikTok is about when the Europeans were taking over Africa and not advising or being fair to the Africans what so ever.

The sound was called Steppin’ in my TikTok.

TikTok #3- 

This TikTok is about when a man named Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck when him an many other representatives for the European countries were claiming different parts of Africa. In an image, the artist shows the event portrayed as Chancellor Otto Von Bismarck cutting a metaphorical cake (Africa).


To conclude, this project was really enjoyable to work with my friends/classmates and to make creative videos on an awesome app called TikTok. It was also interesting to learn about and study nationalism, significance cause and consequence.