Hi and welcome back to another blog post! Today I will be reflecting on our provincial tournament for DI, but if you read the title, it’s way different than you’d think. You see, our provincial tournament was supposed to be held at a school in our general area on April 4th, but of course it was cancelled because of what’s going on with the corona virus. So, our PLP teachers decided that instead, we would have our own provincial tournament on Zoom!

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The things that we planned on having done for provincials were planning on making our costumes look more recycled, make morphs better (original, clearer and have them look better), use more technical methods for species morph, practice set up and going through everything more, and include way more research in our story.

Since, we weren’t able to meet up in person and we had left all of our props and set at the school, there wasn’t much that we could do to change and improve our presentation other than practicing our presentation more and including more research in our story.

Here was our new script:

In terms of our presentation, we decided to keep most of the roles the same, except this time, Ben was the snake and Kaden was a rat. Also, we took advantage of the fact that using the green screen  effect on zoom, we could use different backgrounds for everyone as if they are in different places. Here were some of the backgrounds that we drew:

Overall, our presentation went pretty well, everything worked out the way we wanted it to: none of us really messed up and it looked the way we practiced and wanted it to look.

The competency we were being assessed on in this project was:

Research and Understand: How might I research and understand a problem, process or challenge using different perspectives?

When it came it problem solving for example, my group and I not being able to do our original habitat morph because we couldn’t meet up and we were doing the tournament virtually, we used the green screen and changed the image from a bunch of dead trees to a bunch of alive ones.

To conclude, DI provincials this year was quite an experience. We got to have a virtual DI tournament and I found out some super cool features about Zoom that I had never known before.

See you in my next blog post!