It was a warm sunny day in late July 2020, and I was laying down in the grass with my best furry friend knowing that this might be one of the last precious moments I might have with him – listening to one of my favourite songs at the time – I’m Yours (Jason Mraz). Pender, who was born a year before me, was a constant companion throughout my life – however at this moment almost 16 years old, was having serious health problems. It’s funny how a song can bring back a special moment. 

This song’s cheerful melody makes one feel content, and it’s lyrics are filled with positive messages which add further to that feeling. However, I believe this song can also make one feel a sense of “grief” for the joyful moments that they would attach to this song. Even without the memory that connects me to this song, it reminds one of a typical warm summers day – feeling the sea breeze, the birds chirping, the waves of the ocean, waterfalls and nature itself. One thing Mraz used often in his song was repetition. He would repeat single words such as “love, love, love, love”(1:10) and “loved, loved, loved, loved, loved”(1:24). In the last line from his song, he used repetition to prove a point – “do you believe, you best believe, I’m yours”(3:54). And finally, the song’s chorus of course, which is inevitable. Repetition in music is correlated with popularity, which is one of the many reasons why this song became popular. Additionally, this term makes the song easier to grasp, to understand and to remember – and as this artist wants the listeners to change their point of views to more positive ones, this song helps with his exact intention. 

When I originally listened to this song, I thought that the artist was singing to a particular person or romantic interest. However, after putting more thought into the meaning of this song, I believe that the “person” the song is addressed to is actually “life” itself. In the first stanza, he describes how life has thrown him a few curve balls, and he’s surely taken notice – “well you done, done me and you bet I felt it”(0:13). On the other hand, towards the end of the stanza he describes that he’s got a new attitude. In the chorus, he states throughout the song that he is giving himself to life – that there’s no time like the present to change your point of view. In the third stanza, he is advising the listeners to do the same as him – to open up our minds and see like him. In the second to last stanza before the song comes to an end, he restates – as he does throughout the song but in various ways – that life is too short not to live in the moment. He tells the listeners that “there’s no need to complicate things”(3:18) – that this isn’t something which requires significant mental energy, it is purely based on coming to this realization. 

The cliché “our time is short”(3:20) that the artist includes in “I’m Yours” was one that spoke to me. After my dog passed away, I learned a valuable lesson – to not take anything for granted. Because often, I did take him for granted. And realistically speaking, life really is short, especially for a family pet. Live in the moment, in the present – to avoid subjecting yourself too much to worries and stress. Otherwise, you may take the things that matter most for granted.