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Romeo & Juliet (yay)

New unit, new blog, you already know how this goes, this time around myself and the rest of the PLP 10 “class” were tasked with studying Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet” and then presenting a one man/women parody of a Romeo and Juliet scene to show the timeless nature of said play. I wasn’t a huge fan of any of shakespeare’s works going into this project, and I’m happy to say that my opinion hasn’t really changed, on the other hand, I enjoyed this project a lot and I think this is probably the project I’ve done the best on this year (although that isn’t saying much)

You can watch the final presentation here:



We started this unit off with making paragraphs about why we study shakespeare, after that we got to watch 2 film versions of Romeo and Juliet which were very funny, along with that we read the play as well, during that time we made TWIL blog posts, which I did not enjoy, you will be astounded with how hard it is to find those TWIL posts on my blog. Those TWIL posts were definitely the lowest point for me in this project as I did not do them. After the TWIL posts we made an essay answering some sort of driving question about Romeo and Juliet, my question was “Harold Bloom (a Shakespearean scholar) describes the play as ‘a vision of an uncompromising mutual love that perishes of its own idealism and intensity’. Explain the accuracy of this statement” overall, I think my essay definitely could’ve been a lot better given more time but it came out alright.


For the final stretch of the project we had to write and present our parodys, my little “twist” on the play was just making all the characters sock puppets and stupid. I think as a parody this worked really well because it was a lot easier to portray the flaws of characters like Romeo through comedic fashion. I also think it answered the driving question well enough and most of all this project has been a big improvement from most of the other ones this year, I still have the same problems and I feel as if I have been repeating myself in these blog posts, but ultimately I believe this project was an improvement. So with all that being said, as always, thanks for reading and have a good rest of your day/evening.

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