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Deep Cove Historical Walking Tour: Project Reflection

Welcome back to my blog, today I’ll be reflecting on the first PLP project of 2020, the Deep Cove Historical Walking Tour. For this project the PLP 11/12 cohort revamped and expanded the Deep Cove Historical Walking Tour that was made by the Deep Cove Heritage Society (even though it was already amazing). Our final products were a custom google map and regular map to guide people through the tour. We also each created a video pitching our historical marker location to the Deep Cove Heritage Society, all the products are linked for where they are mentioned.

I was blessed with having Mt Seymour as my historical marker which is a place im very fond of so it definitely added a lot of interest for this project, honestly I sort of wished I could’ve had a partner for this (and more space in the pamphlet) because Seymour was such an interesting and important place to cover. I still got through it and honestly I think this project had some of my best work, I have had better final products before, but I think this is the project where I consistently showed good work throughout its entirety. I really tried my best this project to go that extra mile and I did in some regards but there a few things I could’ve done better; I could’ve contacted Alison (the owner of Seymour) sooner, I could’ve done a better video pitch of my location, and I could’ve worded my blurb for the google map a bit better too. I was compliant for those aspects, I won’t be that way for the next project. 


Overall I am genuinely proud of my work on this project, I still have a ways to go before I am actually consistently producing my absolute best work but I think this was a great start, I will keep on moving forward in a positive direction. I also only handed in 1 and a half assignments in late (if you count the video but I still blame the lateness on my old computer and crappy internet) I think this is worth noting because I don’t think I have ever been that consistent with every single stepping stone and milestone before (that’s what I call real character development)


As always thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/evening.

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  1. Emily Maxwell says:

    Sounds like an interesting project! Would love to see what you created Alex!

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