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Weekly Reflection: Week one

Hello all, it’s been a while. Welcome back to my blog, today marks the first day/post of my weekly reflections. This week has been a low point for the quarter, despite starting off the week really strong with getting a 93 on my physics test and wrapping up my last project in humanities fairly strong (with the exception of having trouble exporting the walking tour video, butI blame that on my old laptop and crappy internet), the switching of schedules really messed me up. Starting off the first day after the switch I was embarrassingly late for humanities, then I proceeded to struggle with some of physics as well as forget to do something for work experience. The last two days of the week were fairly miserable and embarrassing in my opinion.


I had just started to really get into better habits before the switch and I let myself slip because subconsciously I don’t do that well with change. It’s not even a big change too which has gotten me more disappointed with myself, it was just a simple change in my schedule that I let snowball. It’s not even just my habits with school either, I didn’t exercise Thursday, Friday, or Sunday, and I even forgot to floss on those days also. At the end of the day though, none of that particularly matters (well maybe if it affects my grades) what does is determining the lesson can I take away from all of this. 


To relate this to something outside of school, I went to wild play with my mom and some friends, my friend who organized it decided that it was a good idea to sign us up for the hardest course, once I got to the top I realize that it was incredibly scary, but I decided that since I was there already I may as well do it, and get some exercise and have some fun and just do it rather than let my fear of failure make go down. I aim to take that same concept into next week because I have been for the majority of the quarter. I know that I’ve slipped up like I have this week and let it snowball way more in the past, despite being capable of stopping it whenever I wanted, so what makes this upcoming week any different than others in the past? I honestly don’t know, maybe I’ll have an answer as to why I did so great next week, after next week. 


All in all I just need to fall back into the good habits that I was practicing earlier this quarter, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. See you next week!

p.s expect to see posts relating to things other than school in the near future!

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