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Weekly Reflection: Week six

Hello all, welcome back to another weekly reflection. This week saw the completion of the PLP 11/12’s essays, coming in the form of Milestone 5 and 6. If you read my reflection last week you would know that I was sick for 4 days of that week, I continued to be sick for 2 more days of this week, these 6 missed days of an accelerated course are pretty much equivalent to missing 2 months of class in a regular year. I was honestly pretty proud of my performance in the class up until this point, I still am proud of the work I’ve produced yet I am not proud of the work habits I practiced during these last two weeks, my hand in times for most homework assignments went from a usual 5-10pm (if an assignment is due the next day) to a not particularly healthy 12-4am, my sleep habit is still abysmal, and it’s my fault. I let myself slip to this point, even though I am still doing my work, which is an improvement from years prior I am still leaving it to the very last moment possible, this is impacting my other classes too, I’ve been tunnel visioned with my humanities work that I forget about Physics a lot of the time, and haven’t been keeping up with the worksheets assigned much. It feels like I’m just barely hanging on to my decent marks in both classes, maybe it’s possible that I subconsciously like that, maybe it’s just a “relapse” into my old habits, the point is, I don’t know why I do this to myself. My saving grace is that I have still been working hard in class and been learning a lot, the biggest lesson I should be taking out of this week is that one slip up shouldn’t define the rest of my performance in a class, I have a tendency to let things snowball and I didn’t let my mistakes snowball exponentially like I usually do. I also know that since I have shown myself that I am capable of growth as a person (with my work habits in particular) I know that I will be able to rebuild my good habits I demonstrated earlier this quarter again throughout the rest of the year. 


I have a lot more thoughts on this unit in humanities as a whole, but because I don’t like to repeat myself I will save most of them for unit reflection post that will be posted tomorrow, for this blog I really just wanted to write down the lessons I took for myself as a person this week rather than the lessons I took for myself as a learner. Tune in next week for more self p̶i̶t̶y reflection and my thoughts on the latest PLP project: “Shrew You!” 


As always thanks for reading and have a great rest of your day/evening.

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