Medium is the Message Reflection Post

This page will discuss with you the stages of my project, what they taught us, and how we learnt. The final product being to answer the driving question of ‘how does what we see hear and read influence us?’

The LAUNCH stage in our project started off trying to understand why we do group projects and what they can achieve if done correctly. We learnt that while group project require agreements and understandings, they can extend your thinking, creativity, and abilities to make a good project. We then looked at what advertising is and some basic messages and how they were conveyed. Following into our text analysis for the advertisement we watched, writing a paragraph analyzing messages appeals, and why certain things were done. The final piece we constructed in our LAUNCH phase is our “Need To Knows” sheet which we update frequently with questions we believe we need to know to complete the project and further our understanding. The LAUNCH got us started on what the project teaches us and why we will be learning this.

The 2nd stage was Building Knowledge where we did quite that, built our knowledge. In this stage we learnt 3 key things, what is message, what is media, and graphic design and photo practice. We first looked at what is media? It’s definition finding media in our everyday life’s and how it affects us (Media is a way of mass communication to and open audience) and that media is the plural of a medium. We then learnt what is message? Where we understood advertising techniques and appeals to persuade people. Undertaking the message is almost like understanding the media in a deeper level because as we learnt later, the medium is the message.

The Develop and Critique stage showed us “answering the brief which included the LAUNCH stages, what they are, how to achieve them, and why we need to achieve them. The Develop stage mostly focused on picking a business to make and advertisement for, contacting them, making drafts on our own, showing them to our group, making second drafts, showing them to our group, then making 3 more drafts as a group to send to the company for feedback. Including emails and phone calls. Using the feedback from each phone call to make better ads and improve our flaws. The LAUNCH stages I talked about earlier, that was a group numbers doc everyone worked on putting our drafts, ideas, email responses, our plans and our understanding all in that document.

We haven’t worked in our present and reflect stage very much, because we are constantly sharing our advertisement drafts with our groups, reflecting on our work to improve it and understand the material. Presenting our first draft, finding mistakes by looking at other ads or asking peers in the room. Reflecting on our mistakes to improve each draft.

Our project isn’t completed yet but this has been my process of learning to answer the driving question of ‘how does what we read hear and see influence us?’

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