Spoiler Alert Im British (Day 4)

Hello again! (probably) , this blog post is for The 4th blogging challenge ”Fun With Photos”. In this blog we have to draw out something that represents a certain aspect of my worldview. The world view aspect I chose is geography. How does where I live and where I was born effect how I see the world? This is what I drew:

I drew this using SketchesPro and combining multiple layers to stack the flags on top of each other.

The reason I chose to make this is to show as you can see from the title, im British. Im from the cold, rainy land of England. Thats why the Canadian & British flag are combined to show im from a country I no longer live in. Me being British has given me a lot of cultural differences from being in Canada, Thanksgiving being way more prominent, certain hand gestures mean different things.

The ending point of this post is what I want to tell you why im good at learning these differences has helped me be more understanding in disagreements, because I was also really confused by differences and misunderstandings. Thanks for reading my blog, and maybe you can tell me what heritage you have and how it effects you?


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