Day 10: Insignificant Events

Hello again, (probably) and welcome to the 10th blogging challenge, double digits. This time we were able to write about whatever we want. Im sure with the creative freedom of this blog post, many people will share interesting, meaningful, and cool stories. However I decided to write about 3 random things in my life with no meaning whatsoever. 

Even though i’ve only been here for 13 years, I have a wide variety of strange memories from when I was younger. Apparently I cant say “during my childhood because im still a child”, nonetheless im going to share with you 3 quick childhood stories.

My first story, the coffee cake incident. For anyone who doesn’t know what a coffee cake, imagine a cake with coffee, boom you’re done. Everyone knows that caffeine isn’t good for a 3 year old, neither is a cake at 9PM. So imagine giving a 3 year old way too much caffeine and letting him run around the house for 2 hours. Thats what happened to me, I don’t really remember how I felt but according to my mom I was bouncing off the walls left and right with a sugar high. Eventually falling asleep and deciding never to do that again.

This next story has a huge time skip as I’m about 11 here. I took a trip with my family to Mexico, and at the place we were staying had an all you can eat buffet. Now the idea of going to a buffet is definitely fun, not exactly memorable. However the reason I remember this is because it’s so strange to look back at that now during COVID, how can you just let people around all that food out in the open? Made me think about how things change.

I kicked a kid in the face on a swing in California. I don’t remember how old I was in this story, probably 7. I was on a swing going pretty high I almost hit a tree actually, but unfortunately a little kid ran in front of me, getting a strong kick to the head. He was fine after about 5 minutes, but I remember feeling really bad about it.

You can tell my life has been eventful with all these deep, detailed and meaningful stories. I’m glad I got a free choice blog post because I have wanted to tell these stories for a while. If you have any memories, comment them! Thanks for reading and come again. 

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