My Constantly Growing Mind (And How to Get One Yourself)

Hello again loyal viewers. For the past month I have dramatically grown my mind, changing how I will learn, reflecting on how I have learned and even my belief on knowledge itself.

In order to grow a mind like mine you must understand your mindset. Your mindset is the way you think and the limits you set yourself with it. There are 2 main mindsets, the fixed and the growth.

A fixed mindset is what a lot of people have, not that it’s anyone’s fault. Many people are raised to believe in a fixed mindset and are praised in a way to give them a fixed mindset. For example saying “Wow you’re a natural at this” implies that whatever you attempt to do the first time is how it will be forever.

The superior growth mindset, allows someone to understand that what you do the first time is not your best, and can be improved with a few rules, not limitations but rules.

– If you start to get angry or lose focus then take a break, fast angry worm is never better than slow calm work

– Keep on trying, try again, and again. Until you realize you need a different approach. You won’t be able to move a wall if you keep pushing, just look for a door

You’ve completed the first step of knowing what you’re acquiring but the second and harder is actually acquiring it.

A good start is keeping a journal of everything you have learnt. What is fixed mindset behaviour versus growth mindset, what do I have a fixed/growth mindset on, what do I do to avoid fixed mindset? I have kept my vast sum of knowledge here in this journal which I encourage you to read:

The next thing that should be understood is that this is a very long process. In fact I would say getting a growth mindset is the hardest part because in many ways you need a growth mindset to get one, it doesn’t happen overnight (unless you’re me). The best way to learn is through experience. So now is a good time to start doing things that will create a growth mindset. That’s what this next section focuses on.

If I were to tell you that failure is key to using a growth mindset, I doubt you’d believe me. I was taught a good acronym for FAIL.

(First Attempt In Learning)

Giving up after the first attempt is apart of the terrible fixed mindset. If you want an example I have one for you, say you’re trying to write a song. You find the chords and instrumental and now you’re onto the lyrics. You sit down for the first time to write and nothing happens, if you immediately give up how will you grow?

”But how did this method of gaining knowledge become so popular?” I hear you asking, many people found the growth mindset through YouTube videos like this one here:

Many others found it through quotes of other successful people. Like this in here:

Quotes often show how a person had or used a growth mindset. Albert Einstein used a growth mindset to understand failure is apart of learning and used that in his studies.

To show that we too understand what a growth mindset is, we had to create a growth mindset selfie with a quote we wrote showing how we will obtain a growth mindset, this is mine:

In the beginning of this post I talked about how my understanding and belief of what knowledge is has changed, now I will tell you what that understanding is. My belief of is to gain knowledge through meaningful experience and apply it to solve situations. If someone was just told “this is how you do xyz this is what you would use it for” is not knowledge, it’s missing those components I mentioned earlier.

Thank you for reading, I hope you too can expand your mind one day.

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