Day 11: The End (Kind Of)

Hello again! (probably), if you’ve gone through my blog even once you will notice the amount of blogging challenges. Blogging challenges was something setup by our teacher Ms Maxwell. She gave us blogging challenges to do that would benefit us or let us have fun in some way. Whether they be story prompts, learning how to use certain digital tools or learning what copyright is. At the end of this post I will link all the challenges for those interested. 

I really enjoyed doing these as they were really fun and informative. Especially as someone who uses technology a lot, knowing how to use media without getting taken down is very helpful.

I think my favourite challenge was the embedding content post. Mainly because I’ve always wondered how people embed content, and having questions answered is always nice. But I really liked doing that post because I got to talk about what I like, which is music. I don’t often get the chance to talk about music so it’s fun to have that chance. I also got to use cool images like this:

Blogging challenges also helped my writing skills which definitely needed work. It’ll be fun to see my first blog post of the year versus my last and see the difference. That would make a fun blog post actually…

Although the blogging challenge was mandatory it’s definitely given me the want to make more just because I can. Definitely a lot more about music, how to play songs or how to understand chords, things like that. Or maybe you have blog posts you want to see me do?

Thanks for reading, I’m definitely excited to see what posts I come up with, and thank you to Ms Maxwell for doing this challenge with us. Also if you don’t see blogging challenge day 8 or 5 that’s because it had no blog post.

Here are all my other blogging challenges in order of 1-10:

Revising my About Me

Commenting Guidelines 

Embedding Content

Fun with Photos



Celebrations & Festivities

Free Choice

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