About Me

I am a student who I writing this late, kids don’t do that.

Hi I’m Alfie, a student at Seycove, possibly like you, and this is my PLP blog page giving you all the gist on me. So if you see me down the halls ( tall child with a streak of blonde hair ) you’ll know what to expect.

Random trivia time:

  1. I was born in Cornwall
  2. I might have synesthesia
  3. I think reptiles are cool, I know nothing about them though
  4. I play acoustic guitar, electric bass, and a bit of keyboard

I’d like to think of myself as a “shrink” which means you tell me anything and I’d do nothing with it, just listen. But 1 thing you should know, I have partially dyed hair, I cannot judge you.

I have to go now, I need to write more of these. But I’ll leave you with a piece of advice, drink more mango juice.