Growth or Fixed…A mindset reflection!


Hello world,

Throughout the past several weeks I’ve been introduced to what a growth mindset is. To show my learning I was completing a journal to show how I think of my personal mindset and reflecting on that. I went through multiple different learning check points, these learning checkpoints are similar to milestones that I’ve previously accomplished.This blog post is meant to show all of my experience with what a growth mindset is and how you can develop one.

Firstly, I had to learn what grit is and how it can can be apply to your life to help you develop a growth mindset. To achieve this I watched a video about a cat that I kept trying to get onto his hammock and reluctantly kept trying even when he fell several times. Therefore I learned what the meaning of grit truly is. Hence I added notes to my journal reflection on how I use my grit within my life.

Secondly, I gain some knowledge about how to express my grit and I was able to show a reflection of my over all grit. In total we did 4 overall reflections on my mindset. Throughout the book I was able to showcase what grit is. I did this by creating a short story and the moral of this story was to show how you can express your grit. The other aspect of grit I showed was answering the three questions, that are in all of the reflections. 

Thirdly, I moved onto the reflection 2. Reflection two was supposed to showcase how I produce different mindsets. I did this by learning about how different a mindset can affect your behaviour in a good or bad way. I also learned about myself and how I can improve a fix mindset topic and change it to be something that is preformed through a growth mindset. To record this reflection into my journal I followed these steps…

Fourthly, to work up to my third reflection I learned about how much a certain mindset can affect your demonstration of knowledge throughout school. I also toke some notes about how different types of praises can change how you learn. These praises are what you receive if you complete something and get a certain reaction to that accomplishment. I also learned a lot about what goals are by reading a descriptive bee. Yes I know that sounds strange, but I learn a lot about goal based actions by interacting with this picture…

After I learnt about this subject I was able to have an important reflection about how I receive praises and what actions I take to the result. I feel like this was the most important reflection because it made me think deeply about myself and other people’s actions towards me. 

Filthy, I move on to reflection 4, which was the final reflection. The two main learning checkpoints I completed were facts about failure and persistence. Personally I think the most important topic to cover is failure. This is an important aspect because I learned how failure is what drives you to succeed. Without failure I realized that you would have no motivation to accomplish something better to make it transform into something that is sophisticated. In comparison to this knowledge I constructed how I will accept failure and embrace it.

Lastly, I made a goal that I would try to accomplish to improve my learning skill within my learning abilities in school. The goal I made was “I want to have an sophisticated understanding of what I’m learning throughout any building knowledge stage of a project by asking questions about what I’m learning.”. This goal was transformed into a photo that will help me reflect on myself when ever I feel like I’m not achieving as much as I should be (See photo at the top of this post).

As you leave this post I hope you learned what a growth mindset is and how you can develop it. All of these reflection made me realize so much more about me and how developing a growth mindset is possible. I feel really proud with my overall current mindset! 

Hope you enjoyed,

Alicia 😄

Something to think about: Have you ever decided to try to have a growth mindset?


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