Scimathics Doop

In Scimathics 8, we do things a bit differently. Imagine coming into a class, with a kinda crazy in a good way teacher. You sit down at a table, and the teacher ‘throws up’ an equation you have no idea how to complete. Than she tells you to do it.

Of course, I start to worry. What else would you do. But in this class, you get used to the unknown. That’s how we learn. I doesn’t stress me out anymore. All thanks to the magnificent Ms. Klausen!

I have learned a lot in this class. We did a project on making our door bigger. First, our idea was to make it 7x bigger, but that would have taken up the whole hallway. So we did it 3x instead. What we did was created shapes, measured their surface area, and created a total, each group, of 7114.125m2. It was hard, but we did it.

We also did a unit on earthquake proofing through Minecraft, but I have something else on it.

Fractions. We did that too. I hated fractions before, now I hate them less.

And now we’re on the thing we’re doing now

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