SLCs the 1st

Student Lead Conferences, or SLCs, happen twice a year in PLP. This is my first SLC, so, yeah.

This is a reflection of the work I have done this, year, including some work I am proud of, and not so proud of.

The work I am most proud of this year is Destination Imagination. I have no idea how we ended up pulling it off, but we did, and I’m glad we did. It was a great experience, and can’t wait to get to provincials!


For an example of my learning, I chose to compare my learning in Scimathics from the beginning of the year to now. It was a struggle at first, not knowing. But I soon became used to it .


Finally, to show my growth mindset, I will pull upon our photo angles ‘trip’. We went out to the field, to take photos, using different photo angles. I choose this example because at the beginning of the year, I thought I was terrible at taking photos. But I have come a long way from then, and am now more confident in my photo taking.

Photo Angles

Now, I have created three goals that I intent to reach by the end of the year.

1. Not procrastinating in my work.
I hope to accomplish this by the end of the year. To do this, I will have to learn how to manage my time better. I have been attempting to schedule out my free time, so I have time for fun stuff, as well as homework.

2. Working in a group.
Throughout the past year, I have been trying to work on group work. We have to do a lot of it in PLP, so I want to excel in this. I improved greatly on it in the process of DI, but I have far to go.

3. Revising more
I have found that I don’t take constructive criticism very well. I will try and better myself at this by revising more, and taking into account my classmates and teachers advice.

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