Destination Imagination Provincials

My DI regionals post shows a brief outline of DI. Please check it out.

Imagination of 5 was an amazing group of people, including Melanie as Citrine the yellow goddess, Luca as Amethyst the purple goddess, Syrah as Charcoal the weather goddess, Sophia as the narrator, and yours truly as Emerald the Green goddess. We worked very hard on this project, although it was a long and hard process, starting in late January. Let me explain exactly how it worked.

Destination Imagination is a educational non-profit organization that encourages kids from preschool to high school to think outside the box. There are six different categories, which include fine arts, scientific, outreach, engineering, improv and technical. They each have a different set of perimeters. For example, fine arts, the challenge we chose, had to have a colourful character, a vanishing act using a technical theatre effect, a disappearance of a single colour, and a story. Every team (other than the improv group) also had to create two team choice elements, showcasing your interest and talents. It seems like a lot, right? Well, it’s not. There’s still so much left to your imagination. Also known as ‘omg I have no idea what we are going to do for this I have no imagination left!’. That happened to our group quite a few times.

We made a lot of changes from regionals to provincials. For one, our team choice elements didn’t score very well. So we decided to redo them. One of our things was our costumes. They were Greek toga-like things with headpieces. Melanie and I had to change in the middle of the presentation, so we put a lot of effort into them. That’s why we wanted them as our team choice elements. We improved them by sowing the pieces together, making them easier to put on. We also hot-glued the ends of the headpieces together. This enhanced the costumes quite a bit, giving us a much greater score.

Our other team choice element in the regionals was music. I played the song ‘True Colours’ on ukulele at the end of the performance. But, we didn’t end up having enough time in the performance, so that didn’t work out to well. For provincials, we decided to dump that as our team choice element and go with something completely different(we still did play music, but it wasn’t our TCE). Our new idea was a staff to give to charcoal when she became a colour god again. So we found a stick, put a lightning bolt on it,

Put a light in it, wrapped it in tissue paper, and ta da! It may not sound like much, but we put a lot of effort into it. The lightning bolt is a coat hanger that I unbent, measured, bent some more, cut up, and glued. It was really difficult, but worth it.

We also added a few extra props, including an amulet for Citrine, a wand for Emerald, and, er, I think that’s it. Oh, and we totally changed the script.

I think we did a much better job this time. The tournament was much easier this time. We were calm, we knew the basic flow of things, and got to watch a few other performances. Now finally, scores.

So, as you know, we came in third in the regionals tournament. At this stage, we did much better pertaining to the performance, but our instant challenge did not fair as well. All in all! WE CAME SECOND AND HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO TO GLOBALS!!!! We’re not going to, because $$$, but it’s still cool to know we could’ve.

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