Fashion, power or money?

Why do people explore? Fashion, power or money? This is what our unit was about.

We learned about the explorers, voyages, and geography in this unit. But the final project, oh. It was very interesting. We split into groups, of our own choosing I might add, and had to create a comic. I was with Tamara, Melanie, and Raina, and our person was Samuel du Champlain.

Using Comic Life, we split up into sections, using a story line creator.

First draft was homework. I worked very hard to get it done in the one day. But the next day, I found out almost no one else in the entire class had finished it. So the teacher extended the due date one day. So yay! Nothing really to do.

The next day, we had a critique session. We got a lot of good critique.

I changed a lot of my comic after the critique I got. The story line stayed the same, but the first illustrations sucked. So I spent that day after school working on and changing my comic.

More critique. It was very helpful, though we only had one thing on what to change.

Anyways, then we had to do this blog post, so we had no time time change it. The whole thing was very informative, although we never got to do the keynote (not saying to the teachers that we should do the keynote).