Take you kid to work day!

Later in our Grade 9 careers, we are going to be doing health and career stuff in maker. But our first assignment starts now with Take Your Kid To Work Day! I got to go with my mom to her workplace!

My mom is a RMT, registered massage therapist. She works at Balance Acupuncture and Massage, a clinic in Vancouver. With that, she doesn’t usually have a regular work schedule. It is by appointment, so sometimes she works from 10-3 and sometimes 4-7! Always keeps you on your toes. Here’s an interview of her!

While I was there, I couldn’t exactly follow her around. She has patients, and it would be weird if I went in while she was doing a massage. So I worked on this and did little things. An example of that was when my mom was waiting for a client and working with files, I got to put them away.

Another thing I did was kind-of be a receptionist. With new clients, I had them fill out forms while they waited for the RMT. It was cool, but nerve-racking. I didn’t want to do something wrong and then my mom get blamed for it. It was definitely an experience.

I also walked around Main Street, and bought a cactus.

In this workplace, I could see myself in a few positions. To start with, I could be a receptionist. It wouldn’t be to hard of a job for a university job (Like, while I’m going to school). I have been developing my people skills, through group projects and many other things PLP is teaching us about. That would certainly help. I also try to stay positive around strangers, and I can be very polite.

The other career I can see myself pursuing in this workplace is owner. I think it would be an experience to own your own business. Some skills I could bring to that are politeness, management, a time-oriented mind, and many others.

I don’t think massage therapy is for me though. It’s hard on your body, as my mom often mentions how her hands are sore. It also takes a certain kind of person, and I don’t think I have the certain skills needed. My mom has certain skills that make her a great RMT. Some of those are good planning ahead skills, a great knowledge of the human body, and great social skills. She also has large hands, which my uncle likes to point out, that probably help out