How long really was the wait??

We have started a new unit, metaphor machines. It bands together science, math, english and social studies in a project we will be working on till Christmas. Our first assignment was to learn about Crane Brinton, and his theory on revolutions. We also had to come up with an inquiry question to research. Mine is how long was the incubation period of the American Revolution.

Brinton’s theory was based upon 4 stages. He compared revolutions to sickness, with the beginning symptoms, the cold appearing, the fight against, and the resolution. In his theory, every revolution started with the incubation stage. Here, there was economic crisis, intellectual opposition, a sense of govt. injustice, and a few other things. This stage could last for quite a while. Next came the moderate stage. In this stage, protests start to occur, and sometimes violence, but on a small scale. Third, there was the crisis stage. This is when the radicalization begins, with the radicals taking power. Usually there is a strongman at the head of it. And finally, the recovery stage. The violence and radicalization is over. Government is altered, but is still similar to the original.

The American Revolution was started in 1765, but had been boiling for quite a while. For starters, some of the colonies in the 1750s felt like they were not being represented in the British Parliament. But it started way further back. Since the 1660s, English Parliament had controlled colonial trade and taxed imports. So by the time of the Revolution, the Americans were being deprived historical rights. No one was on their side. The big guys were making all the money. Then, the protests started.

So really, the incubation period for the American Revolution started over a century before the Revolution actually began. It’s kinda crazy to thing about.

Crane Brinton made some really good points in his theory. He really broke down the process, and made it easier to understand. But it didn’t really connect to the revolution I am working on, the Easter Rising. So while it was insightful and helped some groups, it didn’t especially help me understand my revolution. I would’ve liked to have my inquiry question more focused on The Easter Rising.


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