“And Action, Wait, *thunder* Okay Go”

In PLP, we make a lot of videos, which is a good skill to have. Usually, we have to create everything from a story spine, to music for the videos. But for this project, we didn’t. 

Project Recreation was a project where we literally, just, recreated a video. Our first video was chosen for us, Catch by Joe Haltzer. Everything was supposed to be exactly the same, with angles, costumes, editing, music, all that jazz.

I was in a group with Tamara and Kai. For this video, it was not a requirement for us to make a storyboard, so we didn’t. We just had our script, and the video. While filming, we decided to join another group. We each had only one male in our group, and the videos needed two. So we filmed together, and edited separately. Honestly, looking back, I don’t think that was a great idea, but that’s in the past. Learn from your mistakes. Anyways. 

Editing is not one of my skills, but that was my part in the group. The video was to choppy, and the sound effects weren’t great. We got a lot of critique, which was great. I think a second draft would have made great improvement. 

Also, mic’s. Our audio isn’t great, and mic’s would’ve greatly improved that. The audio was a huge part of this story, and it could’ve been better. 

Our next video was a huge, well, huge half-step. This time, we had to find a funny video. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention. These are supposed to be humorous. Our unit is called ‘Funny or Die’. So, keep that in mind. Anyways. We had to find a school appropriate, short film with a beginning, middle, and end. This was harder than you’d think. In our same groups, we spent a long time looking for videos. Finally we found this BBC short.

I have watched this video so many times that I find it funny, but I’m not sure if everyone would find it funny. Moving on. 

This time, we had to do the whole shebang. Story spine, screenplay, storyboard. But in the end, it helped a lot. Understanding the story made helped us understand the characters better, and the purpose of the story. Plus, having them help film. Except for the storyboard. And I only say this because the video was in one shot. Usually they are very useful. This one was just, less useful. It was still helpful. 

Filming was intense. There was a thunderstorm happening when my group was trying to film, and they had to wait for the thunder to stop while filming. After about a dozen takes, they finally got it, and then we went to editing. 

There was not a lot of editing to, because it was one shot. There were lots of sound effects though, which were a bit difficult to find. But it turned out well, I think anyways.

In the end, I learned a lot. I learned about how the internet is a scary place. I realized how important mic’s are, and how mad the teachers get when we don’t use them (which is understandable). I definitely learned a lot about time management. Overall, this was a really cool project, and I am glad we did it, because were gonna be doing a lot more videos!