Recreating videos is hard. But this project matched it. Welcome to; Project Live Event. 

For this project, we had to film a live event. This is really useful, because a lot of the time when we go on field studies, like Calgary and Ottawa, we need to film stuff that is happening in the moment. Now, unlike the Recreation Video Project, we only have one chance to get that perfect shot. 

You can’t really use a storyboard, because you can’t be 100% sure of what is going to happen, and when. So instead, we made an Action Plan. Using Notes, we wrote down all the shots and points we wanted to capture. This was very helpful, because we knew what to film, and while editing, we knew what shots we had to work with. 

I decided to film Borscht: A Story because I thought it would have a very interesting story and, well, it would be fun. And it was! I love borscht, and making borscht, so it combined my interests with a school project. My mom was great about it too, so it worked out great! Except we had a bit of an issue with the slowcooker, which you will see in the video. 

Then, it came time to edit, using iMovie. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Turned out, I actually had about 20 minutes of footage, and the videos could only be 2 minutes long. I had to cut a lot of footage, and trim the stuff I had. In the end, I did get it to 2 minutes, but just barely. 

Honestly, I was pretty happy with my first draft. Other than the music, which I though didn’t really match, it turned out great. I never got any critique, so I just edited it slightly and bam. Draft two.

I had a lot of fun with this project. Other than the slightly stressful part about only having one shot, it was a really cool project. I definitely learned a lot, and I’ll be able to use these skills on our next field study!

Copyright Free Images

For this week’s task, I decided to make my own image. Making your own image is a great way to avoid any risk of copyright infringement. I made this image using Sketches Pro, but there are many other apps you can do this with. By making your own images, you can tell the story in the way you want it to be told, and to use your creativity.