All of The Lakes

In this past project, we’ve been looking at linear equations, and how to predict things with them, specifically water levels. Emily and I decided to look at the Great Lakes, and see how they were changing. 

One of the Lakes with the most amount of change was probably Lake Superior, with 0.0583 cm increase each month, when they were taking this data. With that number, we were able to create a graph to show how the water was, and would be, increasing. 

In this project, we used a lot of different curricular competencies, one of the, being…

Model with mathematics in situational contexts.

I used this curricular competency when we were taking the concept of the linear equations, and applying them to a real scenario. Using this real-time data, were were able to create graphical models of what would happen overtime, and the adverse effects this would cause. 

Another curricular competency I used was…

Explore, analyze, and apply mathematical ideas using reason, technology, and other tools.

To make these graphs, we used a tool called Desmos, an app on our iPads. Once we had the equation, it was easy to just input it into the application, and graph it. This visualization in real time made it so you could actually, in real time, see the adverse effects of the rise in water. 

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